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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Never Ending List

Tossing and turning this morning after 5am my brain was going round and round—listing all the things I need to accomplish this week.  And why was I awake at 5am???  The sky begins to lighten and by 5am it is full daylight with sunrise at 5:33am this morning—yep, I’m awake!

My list filled a sheet of notebook paper—weed the garden, water the garden, mow grass and trails, do laundry, weed whack, make rhubarb pickles Smile, quilt, make phone calls, the list went on and on.  I managed to make a huge dent in the list and my poor aching body is saying I made a dent. 

All three gardens are looking great—used the little Mantis tiller to weed supplemented by a good old fashioned hoe.  I got brave and put some tomato plants in the ground under the plastic row cover I am using until the weather really warms up and straightens out.  I also planted some tomatoes in tubs on the deck—we will see which location does better.  The potatoes are up as is the corn.  Lettuce and radishes are looking good.  I was feeling really proud of myself until I read the Patchwork Times and saw Judy’s photo showing two large ripe tomatoes and a bowl of fresh green beans—but I wouldn’t trade our weather here in Montana for her weather in Texas.

Michael worked on another Geoff project, fixed our Kawasaki mule which left him stranded up in the pasture today and parked the Tin Tee Pee after I unloaded the remainder of things left from the weekend. 

Tacos for lunch, fruit salad for dinner—not much meal making going on today!


Views from the road leading to our camping spot this past weekend.


  1. Ok Mrs Greenjeans ~ sounds like you're really getting into this nicely! Sounds perfect to me ☺ Have a beautiful day my friend!

  2. I do dislike when I am lying in bed and my mind is racing with all the things on my to do list!..glad you day was productive!

  3. gorgeous pictures Janna no wonder you wouldn't trade the area...I live with 'brain chatter'..and have many nights where things won't quiet down so I can gardens here yet you wouldn't dare put one in yet..we are way behind...its cold..

  4. When you reap the fruit of those tomatoes, they will be so wonderful. Glad your getting things done. I am working at the weed situation around here also!

  5. Mrs Greenjeans! Ha Ha! Hope your tomatoes make it. :)

  6. Your weather is just not sounding really good (so why are we moving that way?) so I'm sure hoping your beautiful gardens don't suffer. But those night voices just drive me crazy.

  7. Paulette's a great project list maker too - drives me crazy!

  8. Weather, in the western hemisphere of continental North America, is not normal for this time of year. It is unseasonably cool and wet. What's with that?

    Nice photos from your weekend camping trip.


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