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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Can You Say Bored??

Geez, sitting around in a hospital is so boring.  We walk for a while, we TRY to sleep for a while, we eat, we watch a little TV, we surf the internet—yep, it is boring around here!

Michael is doing very, very well except for the lack of sleep and boredom!  His IV is out, he is eating, drinking and getting kind of cranky—doesn’t that mean he is on the mend??

We should be discharged tomorrow and hopefully the blog will become more interesting!

Very hot and windy here today, we are under a red flag severe fire danger warning.  There is a 2000 acre fire burning north of Billings near Roundup, 200 homes have been evacuated.  Not good, not good at all!

I did leave the hospital this afternoon to get a haircut—a welcome respite! 

Just saw a blurb on our local news about Cedar Key, Florida where we spent the winter—parts of the seawall as well as parts of businesses are gone!!  Glad we didn’t buy that coffee shop!!


  1. Been there, done that and boy are you right. Hospitals are boring places to sit and wait. Sure glad to hear that Michael is doing better and will soon be out of there. This wind is really whipping us around. There's just no way to get these fires under control with this wind.

  2. Glad Michael is on the mend....We visited Cedar Key last November..sorry to hear that little town got damaged. We really enjoyed our visit there. It's really just a terrible summer weather wise, isn't it? The fires, the heat, the droughts...

  3. Bored is good when you are in the hospital:) sorry to hear about cedar key we really liked that town:(

  4. Now be careful getting those haircuts. When we let our hair go gray, then white, we can end up looking like a cu-tip. Ha ha!

  5. I can say bored. But it wasn't boring to read how you guys are doing as that's always interesting. Hope you are able to get home as scheduled.

  6. Cedar Key - it will definitely cut down on available places to eat this winter.

  7. The weather has clearly been devastating in so many regions of North America. What's going on?

    Trust you and Michael will be leaving the boring hospital soon....and rest up at home.


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