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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A List

Started the morning out with a lengthy list of to do items and managed to cross off all the things on the list and then some!! 

We are having some warm days and one of the things on the list was to get sprinklers and timers set up for the two smaller gardens—one is strawberries, raspberries and apple trees, the other I call the salad garden—it has radishes, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard and carrots. 

Mowing the grass and painting in the Tin Tee Pee were also on the agenda—here’s an “after” photo with the new paint and floors:IMG_3745

Ms Emmi needed a bath and with the warmer temps, a haircut.  She is a nice smelling pooch now!  We had to have a behavior conversation while the haircut was happening—way too much wiggling around!

Michael worked on a Geoff project and mowed our walking paths as well as the edges of the driveway. 

We were very glad to get an email from Rollie and Gina saying they were going to start writing their blog again.  Rollie is the writer and has all ready written a blog about the new grandbabies, the gandbabies on the way and their travels to Europe this year—check it out. 

IMG_3739First harvest from our gardens!

IMG_3738Wild roses are blooming, doesn’t that mean high water is over??

Life is good!


  1. Good looking radish's. The trailer is looking good, too. As for high water, just read a story in the local paper about the Mississippi River at Natchez. Broke the record last year for high water, now it's about to break the record for low level.

  2. the tin teepee is looking mighty fine!..nice colour choice on the walls and the floor!!..the radishes look yummy too!

  3. Those radishes look scrumptious. Nice and round and no cracks from heat. :)

  4. Good work with the trailer. It looks nice. Nothing beats fresh veggies from one's garden.

  5. Mike did a great job on the floor especially with those rounded corners (that's why I use big baseboards)! Good looking radishes.

  6. butterbean carpenterJune 24, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Whew!! You're beginning to sound like Karen & Steve, with all of your projects and getting them done!! The TTP is really coming along, tell Michael he's a craftsman, doing those radii like that!! Quit fussin' or the bugs'll get your garden; the radishes did fine.. How do you keep deer out with that 'low' fence?
    Be glad you don't have horehound weeds up there or Emmi would be a 'Burr-dog', like our BIG FLUFFY RAT-TAILED CAT!! She looks good with a 'clip'...


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