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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Productive Day

**No internet last night, seems a contractor dug up a HUGE fiberoptic cable which took into the night to repair.**

Daybreak comes so early to those of us living in Montana—5am and it is very light outside—Emmi then decides she should come up and visit us in bed and we are all awake.  We get a lot done in a day getting up between 5 and 6am!!! 

Judging by the presence of all the dust bunnies and spider webs, I think it has been a long time since I cleaned house!  But, it is clean now!  I love a clean house but this time of year  cleaning kind of falls by the wayside!

Michael spent the morning on the roof of the Tin Tee Pee applying leak stopper.  He first had to get rid of all the old caulking material which took him a while.  We will let the new caulk dry until tomorrow then try spraying the roof with water to see if he was successful in stopping the leaks.  He also installed new clearance lights on the front of the rig.  IMG_3685

While cleaning the house this morning I also made four batches of granola.  We had black bean burgers for lunch and they were actually quite good—even Michael said so!  We’ve been trying to cut down on our meat consumption and have been doing really well! 

After lunch I headed out to the Tin Tee Pee with paint brush in hand.  Gave the ceiling one last coat of paint and finished applying primer to all the walls.  Tomorrow I hope to get the real paint on the walls.  Michael is anxious to start laying the hardwood flooring but I don’t want him to start until I finish painting—much easier that way—no need for drop cloths!!  And, I’m not the neatest of painters!

Rainbow photo taken Wednesday night after one of our quick showers blew through.  IMG_3679I love the way the sun made the sky appear so blue and the foliage so weirdly green.

IMG_3680Tiny little flax flowers.IMG_3684Pale, wild irises. 

A very productive day in Montana.


  1. First thing I noticed on your blog was how close the shovel of the John Deere was to the silver bullet! If that was me, I probably would have caved the whole side of the rig in and then there would be a real expensive remodel underway.

    Great photo of the rainbow.

  2. up early is always a good thing..amazing how much you can get done!..can't wait to see the pictures of the interior once you get the real paint on the walls!!!.have a great Saturday!


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