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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Remodel Progress Halted

Very nasty, breezy, rainy and cold day here in Montana.  No real rain accumulation, just enough to keep us in mud! 

I got an early start on a customer quilt this morning and made good progress.  It’s a pictorial quilt with sky, mountains, streams, churches and houses.  Lot’s of thread color changes but it will be beautiful when finished.

This afternoon late I went out to the Tin Tee Pee to begin putting the main color on the ceiling—halt!!!  The color made it look like we were about to start operating a bordello!!!  It was to have been a reddish brown and is instead a pink with only a hint of brown.  I hate trying to pick out paint, the color on the surfaces never looks like the color on the cards from the paint store.  I tried some old paint we had, nope.   Tried mixing some brown in with the pinky color, nope—that turned it purple.  So in the end I tried mixing some brown into the golden yellow we are going to use on the walls and we think we like that????  Painted a swath and are going to look at it tomorrow. 

Michael worked on getting the rust spots from the stainless steel stove top—looks great now so maybe we won’t have to have a new cook stove.  I am looking forward to having an oven again! 

It didn’t rain enough today for him to see if the leak has stopped.  Our new hardwood flooring arrived Thursday but we are definitely not putting it down until the leak is stopped!

Nat came for lunch today and both he and Michael quickly decided they didn’t like kale.  There was a big bunch of kale in the Bountiful Basket so I found a recipe on the internet, which called for onion, bacon and chicken broth.  I enjoyed it but I guess the men in my life didn’t, there were telltale little piles of green left on their plates! 

For dessert I made crepes and filled them with fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream—and you know, I’m hungry and there is leftover batter in the refrigerator????

IMG_3640More photos from our trip up the Boulder on Friday.IMG_3641

On Facebook a hour or so ago I noticed my sister-in-law had stated: “Ross (who is my brother) is frying fish, bass, and doing a shrimp boil.”  Made my mouth literally water!!! 


  1. Your changing paint decisions reminded me of our Congress house kitchen cupboard project last March. Try this, change that, too orange so add some cactus juice. Back to the paint store, start over....and we still haven't finished those cupboards:((
    And, you can put me down for not liking Kale as well. Yuk!!

  2. I totally understand about the paint thing. I think its because I don't paint walls every other year, I have to make sure its the right shade in the first place. Good luck with your mixture.

  3. Made my mouth water too, or maybe it is the smell of the hot apple pie Brenda has ready for eating.

  4. got to love those little paint cards!..the never really look like the colour they are that is for sure!!..hope the sun shines tomorrow and dries up the mud!

  5. I love Kale.....YUM! I hate picking out paint colors. :-(( Hugs.....

  6. Your crepe and strawberry dessert sure sounded good but I'm afraid I've never even heard of Kale.

  7. what about the baked beans, cole slaw, and homemade ice cream???? LOL!

  8. So jealous of your oven!!!!

    Karen and Steve
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