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Sunday, June 3, 2012

We Go Camping

A camping trip was in the works for the weekend but until Saturday morning we didn’t know for sure we were going—LoraLee called bright and early and the packing began in earnest!!!  By 10am we were heading down the Boulder headed for Delome Lake which is on top of what is referred to as Butte Hill here in Montana.  The Butte hill is one of the longest, steepest mountain passes you will ever encounter giving truckers and RVer’s nightmares! 

A USFS campground right on the shores of the little mountain lake and we lucked into a great campsite which held both rigs.  We dodged rain showers yesterday and today but also enjoyed some sunshine and warmer temps. 

Lonn and LoraLee have a little inflatable boat complete with trolling motor—they caught three fish and had a ball doing so.  IMG_3586

IMG_3571IMG_3577The dogs had a enjoyable time too—Buddy got in trouble with Grandpa and Grandma (aka Mike and me) and found himself attached to a rope—he is pouting:IMG_3596

He wanted to go catch Lonn and LoraLee in the boat.

IMG_3591We enjoyed breakfast over the campfire cooked by chef Michael—very good!

IMG_3572Scooby even enjoys riding the dirt bike with Lonn.

IMG_3581When we went camping with Lonn and LoraLee up the Boulder Lonn had these ridiculously short marshmallow roasting sticks—you had to get way too close to the fire.  When Mike and I were in Wal Mart the other day I saw a display of these long, double decker roasting sticks and bought one as a gift to Lonn.  He didn’t quite get the concept it wasn’t necessary to totally fill the roasting stick with marshmallows and was a little on the sticky side by the time we all enjoyed the fruits of his labor last night! Smile


A great, short camping trip!

On Friday Michael noticed that folks we met in Cedar Key, Florida this winter, Betsy and Nancy IMG_2344were in of all places, Livingston, MT.  We were really late reading their blog Friday night and left early Saturday morning.  I did manage to figure out how to send them an email from my phone suggesting we get together for dinner tonight.  No cell or internet service at our campsite but on the way home today listened to messages and we were on for dinner.  Michael and I drove over to Livingston tonight and had a great time catching up with all their travels since we saw them in February.  They have plans to spend a lot of time in Montana this summer. 

Just a great, busy weekend!!


  1. what a great weekend!!..nice to see the new tin teepee out enjoying the wilderness!!!

  2. Glad to see that the weather improved enough you were able to go drown some worms. We avoid those Butte "hills" as much as possible. We'll cut off at Dillon and go through Twin Bridges up to Whitehall to get to Helena next week.

  3. What a great site you had, and a double rainbow no less!

  4. What a beautiful shot of those rainbows - perfect!

    Aww - poor Buddy!

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend...loved the rainbows!

  6. You did have a busy weekend...and how nice it was to meet up with RVers you got to spend time with in Florida.

  7. Looks like alot of fun ~ and catching up with bloggin friends is always nice...
    Have fun

  8. what a great story, all of it, from the beginning early sunrise on the post after this one to the last paragraph dinner in this post. I used to live near Spokane and I sometimes miss those early summer sunrises a lot. They make gardens grow really well in spite of the short seasons. Loved hearing about all your gardening and camping as well.

  9. This is a small world and getting smaller everyday. I missed Mike's other hat..

  10. Wow! Great camping spot, breakfast over the fire, double rainbows and lots of marshmallows!

    That is stuff Camping Dreams are made of!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. butterbean carpenterJune 8, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Is Lonn Mike's brother?? You sure did have a beautiful camping spot AND A DOUBLE RAINBOW, right down into the lake!!! THAT'S DOUBLE GOOD LUCK!!! Mike looked like he was back in Florida, same clothes, same hat but NO boots!!!
    I wish I was younger.. I always wanted to see Montana, but never could hook on with a cattle drive coming that direction!!! Hope you caught a lot of fish!!!

  12. butterbean carpenterJune 8, 2012 at 8:48 PM

    I wanted to say Mike is pretty good at 'salvaging' trucks & trailers; they look pretty good!! The camera must be working; the flower pics are really great!!!


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