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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Quilting Day

Yep, for most of the day I got to quilt.  A couple of weeks ago I made the top for a baby quilt and today I loaded that top, got it quilted and the binding sewn on.  Now all that remains is to hand stitch the back of the binding and sew a label on.  It will be ready to ship to Virginia.  Looking around my quilt studio I was thinking, “I really, really need to clean house.”  Fabric and notions are everywhere—it would be easier to quilt if I took the time to put things away now wouldn’t it???  All those little leftover pieces of batting—if I would just measure and label each significantly sized piece then I could more easily find and use those smaller pieces when quilting a small baby quilt. 

In between quilting I made two batches of granola for Michael and some rhubarb pickles!  Yes, rhubarb pickles—we’ve never eaten those before but thought we would give it a try.  What else do you do with rhubarb except make fattening desserts???  IMG_3605

A few month ago Katie our granddaughter invited me to join Pinterest.  I wasn’t really interested in another social networking site until Rick wrote a post about it’s use and I was hooked.  I love to look at the “food” section and find recipes—but sometimes those recipes are just not right!  Michael loves fudgesicles but the dang things have 200 calories each!  So, I found this recipe on Pinterest for homemade ones which had less than 100 calories each and made a batch yesterday.  YUK, double YUK!!!  In the garbage goes that experiment!!  Katie tried a cinnamon roll cake kind of recipe and said it was also YUCKY!!  I guess people have different tastes. Smile

And speaking of social networking sites—I HATE hackers and spammers.  Today I received an email from a good friend inviting me to view something on the website Linkedin.  I am a member of Linkedin along with several other nursing type friends—I never use the website, ever.  The reason the email raised a red flag—the supposed sender, our friend is elderly and in very poor health—he wouldn’t have a clue what Linkedin even is!  Then I read where Linkedin is admitting its system has been compromised and passwords stolen.  All righty then—I changed the Linkedin password, all our email passwords, etc.  What kind of person sits around all day figuring out ways of preying on people they don’t know?????  A jerk, an a**h**e, a total loser!!!!!

Rick left a comment on last nights’ blog, “ In Palm Springs they advertise a rattlesnake vaccine for dogs.”  Emmi has had the rattlesnake vaccine but our veterinarian tells us it isn’t 100% effective—it just makes the bitten dog be less sick—sometimes it eliminates the need to give the very pricey anti-venom.  Our vet told us because Emmi is so small, 11 pounds, a rattlesnake bite would probably kill her if she didn’t have the vaccine. 

One of our local restaurants serves a steak called a flatiron steak and our friend Jill cooks these same cuts of steak all the time.  Well today I tried one and look Jim, what I’m using to grill the steak--IMG_3604 The steak was awesome, I used a molasses marinade from the newest issue of Southern Living.  Very good, tender and flavorful! 

Michael hauled dirt here and there again today, loaded some logs and took the mini-excavator up to Geoff’s.  I’ve got to get up to their house and see their new puppy—Michael says he’s adorable! 

IMG_3601Indian paintbrush

IMG_3603Notice the coat—it was cold this morning, 44 degrees!

A good day in Montana.


  1. we were introduced to flatiron steak by a local meat market in Columbia Falls, MT. Left town with three in the freezer. Since that time we have found them available at our local grocer. We probably cook more of those than any other cut of beef. Good looking grill!

  2. I'm glad you had the whole day to work on quilting. My sewing projects are piling up. By next week the yard and outside should be spruced up, and I can devote a couple of days with my sewing machine.

  3. Flatirons are great steaks. If we can't get to Costco for the top sirloins, flatirons are it. We have the heat on again tonight here in Brigham City.

  4. No wonder my ears were burning - 2 mentions in the same post - thanks, Janna. I don't think I've ever heard of Flatiron Steaks before but I'll definitely be on the lookout for them.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the rattlesnake vaccine as well, I think our two guys would be in the same boat as your Emmi.

    Another blogger sent me an invite to ask about adding me to her LinkedIn page but I declined for the same reasons you mentioned - hackers getting into accounts and stealing email addresses, passwords etc.

    I guess if some of these jokers who spam and hack weren't doing that they'd probably be out breaking car windows and vandalizing all kinds of other stuff. I'm not sure which is worse but the hackers and spammers I can at least handle.


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