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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gas Delivered and Billings

Right after we got back from our walk this morning Bob showed up with the bulk gas tank truck delivering us the grand national debt—250 gallons of gasoline!!  YIKES—Mike paid the bill and I just put it over on the desk without looking, too painful!

I got Marti’s quilt ready for shipping—I print my own shipping labels from the USPS website—and we dropped it at the post office in town on our way through.  It’s on the way Marti!

Emmi kept Nat company today while we went to Billings—Michael had a doctor’s appointment.  Before that appointment we enjoyed a great lunch at Jake’s and I got in a trip to Fiberworks, one of the best quilt stores!

After the doctor we made a Costco stop getting some fresh produce such as cherries and indulged in a frozen yogurt on our way out the door.

Home now—we are to experience the warmest temps so far this spring/summer over the next few days—should make the garden grow.

IMG_2400Emmi’s favorite way to ride in the convertible and my handsome cowboy driving the convertible—he never will let me drive—why is that??



  1. don't know how much they charge per gallon but here in Vancouver that would be about $1350..

  2. I sometimes wish I could get Paulette to drive our 5'er but she won't touch it. She says she can drive it just fine from the co-pilot's seat. I like Emmi's style!

  3. I guess men think it's too much fun driving a convertible to let the wife drive.

  4. I am a driving Hog as well. It's the only place I feel comfortable in a vehicle. Many of my jobs over the years were driving jobs & there's a reason for that. Love driving a vehicle as much today as I did when I was just a pimply faced teen ager. Totally understand where Mike is coming from:))

  5. Like Mike, I prefer to drive. Perhaps it is a control thing?

  6. I'd rather be a passenger, but can't seem to get Emma to drive for me. :(

  7. butterbean carpenterJune 23, 2012 at 5:47 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    How does he keep that hat on?? Stampede string?? Hope they got ALL of Mike's 'tests' taken care of, so no more trips to Billings for a while... Sorry to hear of you aunt's passing, our condolences to ALL of the families, who loved her.. I too love to drive, but Joyce drives when the traffic starts piling up;
    my nerves can't take it at this elderly age!!! Wishing y'all many happy days!!


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