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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Are So Thankful To Be Home

Hospitals are such noisy places—poor Michael didn’t sleep much the entire time he was there—even if he did get to sleep someone was then coming in to poke and prod.  I stayed until 10pm last night with him and couldn’t believe all the noise in the hallways—nurses talking, phones ringing, call lights beeping, doors banging.  Nope, no sleep in the hospital!

Michael did have excellent care while in St. Vincent’s Hospital, excellent nurses too and we both just love his doctor.  I made chicken noodle soup when we got home, he ate and has been asleep ever since catching up!

We retrieved Emmi at Nat’s and that was one happy little dog—first time she has ever spent two nights away from us.  Started up our driveway coming to a tree across the road—I was able to move enough of it out of the driveway for us to get by.  Just a few yards more and there was another huge tree across the driveway.  Just as I was getting out of the jeep to start walking Michael said, “bear!!”  He was just a few yards out in front of us right in the driveway.

OK, now I have to get out of the jeep and hike up the driveway to get the skidsteer for moving the tree and we have Mr. Bear wandering around!!!  I tucked the pistol in my pocket and off I went singing all the way—my singing would scare anything away let me tell you!

Returned with the skidsteer and moved the tree—thank goodness for equipment!  I guess we had a little wind while we were gone!

There are 10 different wildfires burning in Montana at this time.  One of these fires, the Ashland Fire, has exploded today going from 5000 acres this morning to over 100,000 acres.  They are calling it the largest fire in Montana history.  The morning newspaper said 60 homes had burned in the Dahl Fire which is now 18,000 acres located north of Billings.  The temps are much cooler but the wind is howling again!  Let’s keep all those affected by the fires and the firefighters in our prayers!

Roundup wildfire Larry Mayer photoThis is a photograph by Billings Gazette photographer Larry Mayer of the Dahl Fire last night.

IMG_2408I think she is glad Dad is home!


  1. Happy to hear you're home but not as happy an Emmi. That picture of her and Dad is priceless. You really did have some wind up your way to topple those trees. The fires are just terrible.

  2. I always tried to get the nurses to let my patients sleep, but it never worked.

  3. Hope those fires steer clear of you!

  4. Forget Davy Crockett - how about the Adventures of Janna! You are Woman - a bear and a skidsteer, I'm impressed.

    Great photo of Emmi and Mike!

  5. Never a dull moment, eh? Glad yal made it home ok. Hope the fires stay away from your part of the country. All the videos on TV are heart breaking. I think I would take a hurricane over a major fire, anytime.

  6. we have signs at our hospital...SHHH..silent hospitals help healing..don't know if it works but the signs are there..
    trees down.. a bear..and now a forest fire!...quite the adventures in your neighborhood!

  7. It's good you have the right equipment & know how to use it...including the pistol. The wildlife gets pesky around here but at least we haven't had a bear in the driveway. Emmi looks like she is never letting her dad get away from her again.

  8. Boy, u just pulled the tree off the road, then when there was a BIGGER tree just got the right machine to dispense with that one!!! I am Woman, hear me ROAR!!! Hope all goes well with the healing, Take Care!!

  9. Dad is home! Love that pic with your dog and Mike! THose wildfires would scare the h*** out of me.

  10. You are the woman... moving trees, running a skid-steer and dealing with the bear, and a gun in your pocket. Oh my goodness, what you won't do to get a special man back in your house. All kidding aside, I am glad all went well with Mike, and praying your state gets a handle on those wildfires. Hope and pray that you or those you love are not in any danger. Tread lightly and carry a big gun!!1

  11. That is one mighty happy pooch! Sunday, I was sad to see our equipment head out the drive. But since we are going to full time in four more days, I don't think we will need them any more. I sure did love using them though.


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