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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yep, We Have Snow On Memorial Day Weekend

IMG_3498Here’s what we had this morning—all of the snow melted but more fell all through the day, it’s just too warm for it to stick.  We’ve had over an inch and a half of moisture so far—this will be good for the mountain snowpack and all the irrigators.  We think Lonn, LoraLee, Katie and Michael went camping??? Smile

Michael worked on the jeep engine today—or at least he worked on a “lift” to make working on the jeep engine easier.

This afternoon we went into town for milk and various other things—I think I’ve found my new job.  I’m going to start a business training new employees of the Big Timber IGA in customer service.  The young lady checker didn’t acknowledge me, didn’t tell me my total—I had to look at the screen, when I said thank you as she handed me the receipt she again didn’t acknowledge me.  Obviously the owners aren’t teaching their employees any customer service! 

Got some quilting done today—getting close to finishing LoraLee’s quilt—it is beautiful!


  1. Customer service has gone the way of the dinosaur - especially among the young. You might want to let the owner/manager know. Not sure they would do anything about it but if it were me, I'd feel better.

  2. Snow would be the VERY LAST THING we would want. Actually we had over 74F today. The warmest day so far!

  3. Looks nice. 94 degrees here today. Hope you got my address!

  4. Spring snow! Very pretty but better seen where you are than where we are - especially at this time of the year.

    About customer service? I share in your thoughts. It sure seems as though many business owners fail to properly train their staff.

  5. I saw lots of snow yesterday as we flew over the Rockies in southern B.C. and that's about as close up as I want to see it - especially in late May!


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