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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Great Lunch and Some Tall Mountains

Michael needed to obtain some materials for the new fence he is building for Nancy and Geoff plus we needed some fencing stuff for our new garden spot.  Off we went after our morning walk. 

After visiting Bonnie and Kelli’s greenhouse, the feed store and the lumber store we headed out to the small community of Melville about 20 miles north of Big Timber.  Our destination was Bill’s Place--IMG_3341This little place has been here forever.  The couple which ran the cafĂ©/store/post office decided to retire recently although the wife of the couple still runs the post office located in the same building.  A couple from Pennsylvania moved here and has opened a larger restaurant.  We had heard the food was good and the rumors were absolutely true!!  Had one of the best burgers we’ve had in a long time and we shared a delicious milkshake!!  YUM!  IMG_3342This is one of the post offices slated for closure much to the dismay of the residents who depend on this place!  The post master whom we know chatted with us as we ate and we enjoyed a rousing discussion regarding the faults of our government with the table next to us—yep, we live in a small community!


It was such a beautiful day to be out—the bank sign said it was 82 degrees this afternoon. 


Delivered the fencing supplies to Geoff and Nancy’s, visiting with them for a while and brought our skidsteer home.  We then started our garden project and at just after 8pm we came inside.  The new plot is looking good!  Fencing is up all around except for one end where the gates will be.  Good, rich dirt is hauled—now for the planting.  We found some onion sets and seed potatoes at the feed store today. 

Life is good here in Montana.


  1. Happy planting!..I see there is still snow on the hills!..great photo!!

  2. And your pics are good too! Very good!

  3. Tough to beat a good burger and a milkshake for lunch - especially while fixing up what's wrong with the federal government!

  4. pics show why the call it God's country


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