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Monday, May 14, 2012

True Tin Tee Pee Owners

Yep, we are really and truly tin tee pee owners as of tonight.  We drove over to Belgrade and picked up our 1976 twenty four feet long Avion silver bullet!  It needs work of course and a healthy dose of cleaning—we have great plans for remodeling!  The mechanics are good, the young man who owned the rig works for one of the largest RV dealers in Montana—he had cleaned, insulated and re-sealed the underbelly, all the plumbing is new but he had done nothing cosmetic as you can see:

IMG_3372IMG_3374Oh, my, can you say UGLY???  Couch and flooring are leaving, maybe new cabinets, the base cabinets are real wood but the drawer and cabinet fronts are not.

IMG_3375UGLY once again, needs new mattresses, those give me the creeps!  The bathroom is through that door.  The refrigerator is original and works. 

We’ve had a busy day!  Michael went up to Geoff and Nancy’s to work on the fence.  I planted some new plants in our front flower bed where Michael did the rock work, replacing the gardening fabric and mulch. IMG_3371Looks very nice—he did a good job with the rock work!

Last night Jim and Kathy came for dinner—we had a very enjoyable evening!  I made some chocolate muffins from the Pinterest site that were very good—no flour—oats are processed in a food processor until almost flour consistency and used in place of regular flour. 

Emmi went to the vet today—the spots on her back which we thought might be hot spots just kept appearing.  One spot would clear and two more spots would appear.  Jason, our vet seems to think she may have a bad case of schnauzer bumps—a very common occurrence in schnauzers.  Treatment is human acne pads and medicine—we will see if the lesions clear—they look better all ready to me.

Yep, we had a busy day!


  1. congrats on your new purchase!! will be a beauty when it's done!!

  2. Nice project. Looking at that beautiful timber wall I am reminded of the log home we had in Norway. I love log homes.

  3. Your "new" camper looks pretty good for a '76. Of course it's seventies ugly, but you're able to see past that and envision what it CAN be.

  4. You are giving up your pink rig for a silver bullet?
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Well Lordy be!! You guys are just full of surprises!!! what next? :-)

  6. Between this new acquisition and the Jeep GC, will you ever have time to travel again? So many projects! :) Can't wait to see what you do with this one.

  7. What's up with the new purchase? When we met in Florida all I had to do was look for Pink & Yellow.
    With you both being so talented can't wait to see the finished product!!!

  8. My folks lived full time in a 1979 Avion. Brought back some memories to see your new purchase.

  9. Another fun project to keep you two busy. Looking forward to the completed renovation.

  10. This was sure a surprise. What, was Al thinking he might run out of projects? Hardly! I'll bet that tin teepee could be made into something really special and I'm sure you guys will do just that. Nice buy!

  11. butterbean carpenterMay 18, 2012 at 3:34 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    I hope y'all didn't have to pay 'vintage' price for it!! Why they have to be
    so expensive I don't know.. All 60s and 70s Silver Bullets I see online are
    out of sight, except my 1969 Streamline Prince, which we've had and enjoyed for 15 years. I can only get offers of $300-$800 for it. I'll take $3K for it.
    I'll ask also, what are you doing with Big Pink Mama?? The ONE everyone knows!
    That Montana dirt must be rich as Arkansas lava to already be sprouting..
    Mike's stone work looks great and your flower-beds do too...


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