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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quilting Buddies

Heavy frost this morning, sure glad I covered my tender little squash and cucumber plants last night!  Today was an open sewing day at the quilt shop in town.  Several of the ladies which attend quilt retreat with me were going to be there.  Off I went this morning with little featherweight sewing machine in tow.  I finished the baby quilt I had started but couldn’t get going on another project.  It is hard for me to look at a pattern, get the directions in my head and rotary cut a project all at the same time carrying on a conversation.  So, I just shopped all the beautiful fabric and visited the last hour or so.  I enjoyed seeing Bette and Mary—Shirley and Janet dropped in for a quick visit too. 

Michael worked very hard all day attaching the planks to the frame work of the fence he is building for Geoff and Nancy.  Emmi stayed home alone and geez, did she voice her displeasure when I got home before Michael. 

Kind of a gray day and this evening it is misting rain again.  Hope it is sunny enough tomorrow to view the eclipse! 

Seems I was out-voted on the hat issue—everyone but me seems to like Michael’s black hat!IMG_3422IMG_3426


  1. Don't you dare send that frost east!! I have everything out. I'm with you about doing a project and visiting, I can't do it. I usually have some sewing that doesn't require much concentration.

  2. I thought his hat looked fine too! Great for rain soaked days, that's for sure!


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