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Friday, May 11, 2012

An Unexpected Quilting Job

Whew, I’m weary!!  We started the morning out with a walk—when we returned Mom joined me in the new garden site and began picking roots, sticks and rocks from the soil we hauled in.  I jumped in the skidsteer and hauled more soil to the site.

Then it was time to make lunch, leftover chicken, roasted potatoes and veggies, and pinto beans with cornbread—a southern meal in honor of Mom and Chuck’s visit!

Then Dava came—she had scheduled an appointment for learning how to use the longarm and had a log cabin quilt she had made for her graduating high school senior son, Jacob.  We were about 2 hours into the lesson, quilt was loaded and Dava looks at me and says, “how long would it take you to do this quilt?”  I replied, “about 2 hours.”  She thought for a minute and said, “would you do it if I stayed and helped you?”  OK, I have a boat load of customer quilts to do but this quilt was loaded and she was standing there.  Plus I have a soft spot for her son Jacob.  Off we went.  In just under 3 hours the quilt was in her hands and she was out the door.  I quilted a simple meander over the quilt and it was beautiful.  I could have finished in less than 3 hours but we were using minky fabric for the backing, variegated thread on the top—both of which can and did cause tension issues.  Dava was thrilled to say the least.

Then I had sort of a melt down!  Before I left for the Utah hiking trip, my Arkansas friend Marti called me to see if she could send more quilts.  I told her I was leaving but it was OK to send the quilts, Michael would be home.  Today I thought of those quilts, in my mind I could see the box sitting in the mud room when I returned from the hiking trip—while I was working with Dava I asked Mom to open the box as I hadn’t seen the quilts.  No box!!  Searched this house high and low, no box!!!  I am beginning to panic—I don’t do this with other people’s quilts.  I have a cabinet in the sewing room where customer quilts rest until I am ready to load the quilts onto the longarm.  Searched again, had Mom and Michael searching, no box.  I am feeling sick, really sick!!!  Aunt Margaret and Marti frequently tuck their quilts into a white plastic garbage bag before putting them into a box—could I have taken the bag out and then thought it was garbage????????  I am now sick, really sick. 

With a sinking heart I picked up the phone and called Marti—her words were music to my ears.  “No, Janna, I haven’t sent the quilts yet, I need to press the backing better.”  After talking to Marti for a while I went upstairs and fixed Chuck and me a tall margarita!!!!!  Senior moments and I don’t even consider myself a senior?????  YIKES!!!

Supper of chef salads then computer work—I am installing Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes on Mom’s computer—thank you very much Rick

Fed the birds, cleaned Emmi’s hotspots, now the blog, am I ready for bed—yes, double yes!!

Oh, do you see anything wrong in this photo:

IMG_3355that’s a chop saw, notice the cord??  OOPS!



  1. glad you solved the mystery of the missing quilt!!..what a for the chop saw..looks like it needs a new cord..I see a visit to the hardware store in your future!

  2. Sooooo who gets a new chop saw? Was it done on purpose just so a certain COULD get a new one??? hmmmmmmmm

    I know the feeling on the quilts in a bag. I was missing a whole big bag of processed alpaca/llama blend. I looked high and low. Knowing it was in the same black bags as we use for trash, I had the sinking feeling it was tossed out by Mr. Zoom Zoom Garage Cleaning Guy.

    After a gush of tears, knowing it was worth about 500 dollars.... I later found it set aside the garage, not IN the garage. ACK!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. It's good that you're practicing that senior moment thing. :)

  4. I have had that sinking feeling too! And with a similar result - with nothing to worry about. Sure glad you had a good outcome.

    I have a bunch of tools for woodworking and although I have come really close, I have yet to cut a cord. Just far! You never know though! Good thing it is a simple fix.

  5. I believe I've had a few of those senior moments too - usually, when I'm out hiking.

    Hope no one got a jolt when that chop saw cord was 'chopped'!

    Great decision on installing those 2 programs on your Mom's computer - they are both excellent!


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