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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quilting and Cleaning

Spent the morning working on LoraLee’s quilt and when Michael came home from working over on the West Boulder we tackled the little Avion trailer.  It has been many moons since that little thing has had any tender loving care.

For the time being we will use the oh so very attractive 70’s couch until we decide how we are going to remodel.  So, out came the carpet steamer, the couch cushions were placed on the deck and I steamed and steamed. 

The trailer has twin beds and the mattresses are way creepy!!!  When I called our local guy who sells mattresses I learned the size we have and the standard twin size are two different things.  Now what do we do?  An internet search revealed exactly the same thing, the mattresses in the trailer are about 3 inches narrower than a standard twin.  It would have been OK to have a little wider mattress except then we couldn’t open the bathroom door—that’s a problem!  So, we put our thinking caps on, used our Amazon Prime membership and ordered a king size 10” thick memory foam mattress which we will cut to make two twin mattresses!  With the Amazon Prime, shipping is free and it will arrive in two days!

Michael got the hot water tank and refrigerator going.  He ran into a plumbing leak under the bathroom sink but repaired it quickly.  The refrigerator is original we think, 1976—a new one is probably in our future at some point.  The hot water tank is new. 

I scrubbed and scrubbed with water containing lots of bleach!  Now the little tin tee pee looks and smells better! 

IMG_3380First forget me nots of the season.

IMG_3381Chokecherries are blooming all ready.  My lettuce, radishes and spinach are up!

Stay tuned for our next adventure.  Know anyone who wants to buy a beautiful pink Country Coach motorhome which is in great shape and is actually clean???


  1. So when do we get to see pictures of the Avion? You know - the before so we can then compare to the after. Glad the garden is growing and blooming. Jim's tomato plants have flowers and he has great hopes for tomatoes.

  2. you are selling the 'pink' motorhome!!???

  3. My Dad always used to plant his lettuce in the fall so they were up and ready to eat almost before anything else was planted.

  4. Just a tip... if you are cutting foam, use an electric knife, works great!! What's up with "Pinkie"?

  5. Can't believe you are selling the pink bomb. :)

  6. It's a cliff hanger! You are keeping everyone in suspense (or is that suspenders?) LOL. OK, we'll wait to read about your new RV plans.

  7. Sounds like you'll have the Avion in shape in no time. Great idea on the memory foam mattresses.


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