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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy Time Of Year

Nothing much going on around here except work and yard work.  It seems as if this is the busiest time of year!  Not only do I have many customer quilts to quilt, the garden needs planting, the flower beds need weeding, multiple weeds by the millions need whacking and of course the grass needs mowing. 

I made a dent today—the garden is planted, I may plant some lettuce and radishes later in the season but for now the garden is on its own.  I even laid some rock stepping stones:IMG_3377

The weed whacking is done and if we don’t get some rain or snow soon, I won’t have to do it again.  This part of the country is scary dry—crispy dry and it is only May.  Our temps were over 80 today with not a cloud in the sky. 

And my flower beds are all ready for the blooming to began.  The only thing left to plant is my flowering pots which sit on the deck.  Maybe I will get some quilting done tomorrow???

It is graduation season and my oldest nephew graduated last Friday evening:

Trenton's graduationI love both photos!  Trenton was the first grandson in our family and the first grandchild born in nineteen years.  My niece Niki had it good for 19 years being the only niece and grandchild until Trenton was born. 

Michael worked with Lonn all day over on the West Boulder. 

We are two tired folks tonight!  Emmi is snoozing on the couch, I think she is tired too!


  1. AZ is on fire. We have five fires burning around the state already and it's still May. Sure hope this doesn't happen to MT. Of course, we're at 106 today and around a 100 for the next week or so. Good luck with your garden.

  2. Sounds like here. I have the planting done, but oh my the weeds are taking over. We're in the woods, so I only plant what will grow in pots. This year I'm trying lettuce. and my sewing is piling up. Promised the grands outfits for them and their dolls. We'll have a rainy day someday, I hope. Its getting dry here too!

  3. Your garden looks very nice. I should feel lucky as all I have to do is cut grass!

  4. Anyone with a yard has and endless list of chores. Your garden seems to be well protected from the potentially invading wildlife.

    Keeping busy is good!

  5. Your Garden looks wonderful. I wish I was going to be there to eat some of the harvest from it. Away such a proud moment when our family graduates. It always gives me goose bumps when I see those photos. Yes I am out of USA butter ☹


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