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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back In The Bug Business

The VW bug business that is!  We realized how much money we spent on gas and diesel last month and decided to bring the 1959 Volkswagen bug out of storage—she gets 35 miles to the gallon.  Michael has agreed to install seat belts, fix the brakes and do a little cosmetic work to her so we can drive the VW at least to Big Timber. 

I finished LoraLee’s quilt late this afternoon and we took the VW over the hill to deliver the quilt.  LoraLee loved it--IMG_3533IMG_3537Back of quilt.IMG_3526

Michael spent the day working on some firewood storage racks for Geoff.  Emmi played ball any time someone walked out the back door to kick it for her. 

For those of you who don’t know the Volkswagen story—several years ago when our former neighbor and friend Beryl was dying she gave me this VW.  It had belonged to Beryl’s daughter Charlotte who was killed in a car accident in her late twenties.  Charlotte was Beryl’s only child and she could never bring herself to get rid of the bug.  Beryl and her husband Jim pulled the VW behind a motorhome and even took it into Mexico at one time—it still has Mexico travel stickers attached.  Beryl made me promise to never sell the car and I won’t—it’s a cute little thing and in reasonably good shape—the mice have destroyed some of the inside upholstery but that can be replaced.  So, that’s how I came to own a 1959 Volkswagen bug.

Just not a nice day weather wise, cloudy, windy, cool and very damp. 


  1. What a beautiful quilt. The colors just pop against the dark blue.

    Good luck with the Bug. DH had his Geo Metro tuned up a few weeks ago and when he figured up his gas mileage it's.....drum roll.....a bit over 67 mpg. Not bad at all for a 1992 car. To bad they don't make them like that any more.

  2. What I know about quilts you could write on the head of a pin, but that is a beautiful one.

    As for the Bug, I want to see pictures after you make a Costco run in

  3. nice job on the quilt, Janna!!!..bee-u-itiful!!!..the bug sounds like another fixer upper..before and after photos?

  4. Now that quilt is a definite award winner at a quilting show. WOW it is stunning. I didn't know you had a VW Bug. What colour is it? Love to see a picture.

  5. I wish you good luck, but don't think you wiill get 35 miles to the gal. in your VW.
    Nice quilt. Jill in Tampa.

  6. That is the same VW bug that we went on our honeymoon to Paris with.It was blue. My husband had bought it brand new a few months earlier. Hope you have lots of good times with it.

  7. Oh how I would love to take a VW bug for a spin again. Probably been in the early 70's since I had my last Beetle. My very first car of ever was 1961 VW Bug. Traveled from one side of Canada to the other in Bugs & all the way to Florida & Georgia a couple times. Wished I had a dollar for every mile I have racked up in one of them there little puddle jumpers:)) Sure must take a lot of patience to put such a beautiufl quilt together.

  8. How many more vehicles can you did up? you got all sorts of them stashed away.....I bought my boys a bug way back when,,,,they had fun with it,,

    Stunning quilt,,,,,,,,Very nice!!

  9. I work for a Volkswagen dealer and have been involved with VW since 1966. How about some pictures of your Bug? Is it still 6 volt?

  10. Seems like just about everybody has had a bug at one time or another. My last one was a '69, and was brilliant lime green!

  11. Don't know anything about quilts, but it looks like a piece of art. I don't have much love for bugs. Spent three days and nights in one on a round trip to Denver back in 71. Haven't liked them much, since. Watching the mailbox.

  12. That is one beautiful quilt. I too am a former Bug owner - 1967!

  13. The quilt is beautiful and your quilting is wonderful! I felt my jaw drop when I saw the picture. I love it.
    Never had a bug but hubby did. Enjoy.

  14. Isn't it an anachronism to think that a car made in 1959 is still getting a better fuel mileage than what's commonly on the road today? Do you have a picture of it? Would love to see the car. had a bug of my own in 1974. Bought it bran spanking new, then switched to its big brother the VW-Bus.

  15. butterbean carpenterMay 31, 2012 at 6:38 PM

    Howdy Jann & Mike,
    The secret to Bug longevity is change the oil every 1000 miles and keep the valves set PROPERLY!! I had a friend who had about a 59-60 Beetle and that's what he did.. He put 300,000 miles on it himself, then a guy he worked with offered him too much money for it, so, he sold it with the instructions on how to keep it running... The guy had it less than a year and ruined the engine.. This was in the late 70s.. Mike, it only takes about
    2-3 quarts of oil and about an hour to set the valves..BE AWARE!!! Enjoy it!!

  16. butterbean carpenterMay 31, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    The quilt is really a work of art and you are an artist!!! I am amazed at the art some of you do and just call it 'crafts'!!! Thank you, for allowing us to view your creations!!

  17. Hi Janna!
    LoraLee is going to be over the moon when she sees this quilting!! Absolutely stunning work!! Ahhh to be able to quilt like this!!
    Thanks for sharing!


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