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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It’s Raining

Many Canadian bloggers were saying it was appropriate for rain over Canada’s long May weekend.  Well, it’s appropriate for rain or snow on the long Memorial Day weekend here in Montana and can you believe we are going camping??  Guess we are just gluttons for punishment!

It rained and rained today, squalls of hard rain.  We are about knee deep in mud—why I bother cleaning house I will never know, especially this time of year!

I quilted some on LoraLee’s quilt today, baked cookies and brownies and made soup for Nat. 

Travels With Emma Judy left this comment on last nights’ blog:  “Have you ever eaten a commercial frozen dinner? Don't know why that popped into my head, but it did. You always seem to be making such elaborate meals. :)”  I laughed when I read it and Judy, the answer is probably no!  I might have eaten some sort of frozen dinner in my lifetime but not recently!  I love to cook and I’m a good cook (Michael thinks so too!Smile).  I read a lot about our diets, obesity in the US, chemicals in our food, etc.  I try hard to fix us healthy meals and I make everything I can from scratch.  I am obsessive about reading labels.  We eat very little if any packaged foods—we might eat crackers or a bag of chips or ice cream from time to time, I’m guilty of satisfying a sweet tooth with a candy bar or a box of Mike & Ike’s candy; Mike is guilty of eating a bag of Cheetoes on occasion.  With that said, most of what we eat on a regular basis, I fix.  It is a long drive to any restaurant around here and the places to eat in Big Timber (our closest town) aren’t worth the drive or money. 

Here’s an example of what is really in our food—most people think Raisin Bran cereal is good for you—after all it says “bran” and is has raisins.  Have you ever read the label??  Mom and Chuck brought a box of raisin bran with them when they came over a few weeks ago and left it here.  Did you know there are THREE different kinds of SUGAR in that cereal????? 

We have a huge pantry, two refrigerators and a chest freezer—when we go to Billings I don’t come home with two bags of groceries, I come home with a truck load.  Sorry for the long answer Judy!

We drove over to Lonn and LoraLee’s this afternoon—oh, boy was that West Boulder road a mess!  Katie is at home for the summer helping out on the ranch as her summer job. 

When we got home last Friday UPS had delivered a HUGE box from containing our king size mattress we ordered for the Avion trailer.  Today we unleashed the memory foam mattress, and Michael worked his magic rigging a device which would make the cuts we were making accurate.  We now have two twin mattresses and half a twin mattress left over.  The stinky memory foam mattresses are downstairs airing out before going out to the trailer. 


Remember when Sue from Big Dawg and Freeway had a contest to recycle this book:IMG_3466Well, I’ve read and enjoyed the book—it was such a touching book—dogs can really see into our souls I believe!  If you would like to read this book, please leave a comment saying so and I will pick a name out of the hat. 

Thank you all for the wonderful comments you left on last nights’ blog—about the photo and our blog—we appreciate those comments!


  1. Just a hint the best thing to cut the foam is an electric craving knife.

  2. so glad you enjoyed the book! sure to sign your name before you send it off to the next lucky recipient!...that must have been a mighty big package with king size mattress in it!!

  3. If you want to recycle that book, mt bride Donna would love it, Be safe out there and enjoy your camping trip. Sam & Donna.

  4. We were just remarking about the ingredients this morning on Steve's box of Raisin Bran! Too funny!

    There is one packaged food we enjoy when we are in a hurry for a quick dinner (usually if we were busy doing something) .. it's the Marie Calendar's steam bowl type meals. Seseme chicken and pasta is about my favorite. Real hunks of artichokes in it too.

    But we like cooking *real food* too most of the time. And preferably over a campfire!!!

    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. I hope you don't get too wet camping this weekend. What good sports you two are. We don't go to the big city very often either, and I like to cook from scratch. So our provisions are stock piled here at the cabin. The family joke is... if we're ever under attack, get to mom's she could feed an army for a year.

  6. Your answer is about what I figured it would be. About the only time I consume a frozen dinner is after a long day driving the rig. I'm usually too pooped to cook then.

  7. O.K., thanks for trying to ruin my favorite breakfast cereal - Raisin Bran! Three types of sugar? That's probably why it tastes so good!

  8. The mostly only box prepared food we eat is cereal. Occasionally, I will have a ready to eat can of chile after a long drive. We definitely prefer fresh foods, as much as possible. These days it seems that even fresh food is questionable:(

  9. Would love to read that book next. Please include me in your draw.

    Oh, and if it's large enough cut the left over piece of foam as a back rest to one of the beds, turning it into a day bed style. Anne-Mare

  10. That's the spirit! Camping - wet or dry - is no big deal for you two.

    Our coastal weather has brightened and heated up so we'll charge up the winds to get it out your way by the time the weekend rolls around.

  11. Howdy J&M,
    IT ALWAYS RAINS ON CAMPING WEEKENDS!! Thank you, for the remark about the comments, but they are true; everyone likes the TEE-Pee Tales and whatever
    y'all are into..Mike sure did it the hard way on the foam; the electric fillet knife cuts it like warm butter!! How come you fussing about the RAIN, anyhow??
    Y'all need rain, now, because it may not rain again until August!!! We're into our 'dry' pattern already down here.. That Avion sure looks good for its age!!
    We couldn't find an Avion or Airstream we could afford, when we were looking,
    But did find a Streamline Prince that is almost the same trailer and like it..

  12. Sally said that I should read the book. She thinks it would help me appreciate her, more. Have a fun weekend on your camping trip, even if it rains.

  13. Yes, Janna, we would like to read that book! We love dog books because we love dogs!


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