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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Shopping Mission

On a whim we decided to take the MR2 out for a spin today—destination:  Billings to shop for Tin Tee Pee stuff.  We found sheets, beautiful red blankets, a towel bar for the bathroom and various other things.  We looked at sinks and bathroom vanity cabinets.  We looked at tile and wooden window shades.  Lots of ideas floating around in our heads, the Tin Tee Pee is going to be so beautiful!

Lunch was at CJ’s, a spot we used to frequent often.  Michael’s burger was really good, my brisket sandwich not so good.  The folks who have waited tables there forever remembered us and were very welcoming.

Nat was kind enough to keep the Emmi girl today—the Senior Center in Big Timber does not serve lunch on Thursdays’.  I hate to ask him to keep her on a day when lunch is being served because he refuses to leave Emmi home alone while he goes and eats—“she would be lonely.”  Geez, as if we don’t spoil her enough!

A camping trip may be in the works for this weekend so when we got home and unloaded the car we both went right to work.  I made a curtain for the bathroom window—turned out beautifully.  Poor Michael had a harder job—replacing the heating duct work.  When we ran the furnace the last time we were out in the Avion, it smelled like mice! Sad smile  The furnace is fairly new so we didn’t think the smell was coming from it and sure enough when Michael removed all the old duct work the nasty little evidence was there.  The trailer is only 23 feet long so there wasn’t very much duct work but it did take him a while. 

A productive day in Montana. 


  1. We have never really been happy with CJ's so we gave up going there. Sure hope you get out this week-end and that the weather cooperates. We want pictures of all the wonderful things you're buying and doing to the Tin Tee Pee.

  2. So glad you were able to get rid of the mouse evidence. :P

  3. Busy time with the Tin Tee Pee renovation but we look forward to the completion photos.

    Enjoy camping....should you get out there!

  4. The good thing about taking the MR2 is the lack of space to spend too much money and bring back too much stuff. We also have a silver Spyder and I used to have a 1958 VW---the one with flipper turn signals in the side posts. I've enjoyed reading your blog for about a year now, you do a fine job of writing and pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing how you two finish the trailer.


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