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Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Bones Ache

Oh, my, give us a gorgeous spring Montana day and we get so excited we go out and try to work ourselves to death!!!  Every muscle in my body is screaming and I’ve heard a lot of groaning over in Michael’s corner, too!

Our original garden plot gets a little too much afternoon shade to be very productive but it makes a wonderful spot for plants such as lettuce and radishes.  I love my little Mantis tiller we purchased last spring—used it to till the garden then planted lettuce, radishes, swiss chard, spinach and carrots.  IMG_3338Original garden spot

A couple years ago we built a new garden spot and planted three apple trees there.  The garden soil is poor but we’ve been adding compost and hoping for the best.  This is where I planted the strawberry plants our friend Claire brought me last spring.  I weeded those and the raspberry plants and tilled the rest of that garden.  We may or may not plant anything else in there this year.  The strawberry plants look great and I have blooms Claire—I am so excited!!! IMG_3340

We are building a new garden spot down by the creek—we are collecting garden spots like we collect cars and trucks! SmileThis new garden will have all day sun and maybe I can get things such as peas and beans to grow.  Sure hope so—I come from a long line of excellent gardeners—Mom and Dad had a huge garden every year which at the time I didn’t appreciate.  Mom worked outside the home and in the summer would leave things such as a bushel of corn or peas on the back steps for us to husk or shell.  My grandparents had a beautiful garden as does my sister and her husband.  I’ve got to get with the program!!!  My excuse has always been that I live in a climate which doesn’t lend itself well to gardening.  Then Robyn (Claire’s wife) tells me they ate potatoes, carrots and onions from their garden all winter!!!!!  They also get enough strawberries and raspberries to make lots of jam.  There went my excuse!  And by the way, Robyn and Claire’s home is at a higher altitude than ours!

In between all the gardening I did loads of laundry and talked to the longarm sewing machine people.  What Michael and I thought was the problem is probably not the problem.  They had some ideas and I did order a new part so we shall see.

Poor Michael dug many, many postholes today.  Half of these postholes he had to dig by hand due to the location or to rocks.  So, he is groaning, too.

But it feels good to get so much accomplished in a day, doesn’t it???

I love bloggers and people who read our blog.  We received a comment yesterday from BJ saying her husband thought he had the music to Make The World Go Away if we couldn’t find it.  Now how nice is that!!!


  1. It's been a long time since I dug post hole, but I feel your pain ;)

  2. I kinda miss the vegetable garden I used to have. Since we have two farms within about 10 minutes where we can get lots of fresh produce, I gave up the vegetable garden and just plant flowers. It's not quite the same but it is less work haha!!

  3. butterbean carpenterMay 7, 2012 at 8:36 PM

    Howdy Janna & Michael,
    Ohhhh, your aching back!!! Post holes?? Mike there are tee-posts you know with
    pounding machines!!! Drive them suckers right on thru them rocks..YEAH RIGHT!!
    The strawberry plants look awesome, just not enuff of'em.. When you live beyond the Arctic circle it's hard to get things to grow in 30 days!! Take two Tylenol, warm a damp towel in the micro-wave and lay it where it hurts..AHHHHH
    NO PAIN!!! Mike I don't know how you do all of it!!!

  4. Doing gardening is good for your health. First you move and bend around a lot, later you get yummy veggies from your plot. We are doing a lot of ground work as well and feeling good about it.

  5. But it's a good kind of pain, knowing that you are getting exercise and going to get some beautiful plants and gardens in return! I miss my garden and gardening! But my back doesn't. :-)

  6. Ohhh I used to grow a big garden, and usually 16-20 tomato plants. Now I just buy them from a local veggie man (what he grows and sells in the summer supports him all winter)

    Just LOVE those Home Grown Tomatoes!
    (John Denver song)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. check out They have the Eddy Arnold version of the sheet music. You can download and print for a couple of bucks.

    B Hart

  8. I admire your energy in planting a garden. We used to have one years ago, but I dug it up and planted grass.


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