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Friday, May 18, 2012

It Rained On Our Camping Trip

Yep, we went camping—in a USFS campground with no amenities alongside the beautiful Boulder River and even had a campfire!!!  And it rained and rained some more but you know what, we didn’t care—we need moisture so badly around here!  Lonn and LoraLee along with their three dogs were our camping buddies for the night. 

The road for getting to the absolutely beautiful USFS campgrounds south of us is atrocious to say the least—we’ve never owned a rig we were interested in bouncing and jouncing over that terrible road until now.  The silver bullet, aka little Avion, performed wonderfully!  No roof leaks, the furnace works (we needed it) and the plumbing system functioned as it should.

We had a great time in spite of the rain, Emmi enjoyed her other playmates for the weekend.  Our surroundings could not have been more beautiful and the food was spectacular! 

Thanks Lonn and LoraLee for going with us—we look forward to the next one!

IMG_3429IMG_3389I hate that hat!!

IMG_3390IMG_3398IMG_3400We had burgers for dinner needless to say!

IMG_3408IMG_3414Buddy on the left, Spunky on the right in their summer do’s!  I didn’t get a photo of Emmi’s other friend, Scobey! 


Rig unloaded, Emmi bathed, laundry going and soup on the stove.  A fire in the stove, it is very cool and we had 1/2 inch of rain in the gauge when we got home—life is good!

And yes, to all who asked, we are selling the Country Coach motorhome.  We have it listed on RV and Craigslist.  Our priorities are changing, our RVing lifestyle is evolving, Michael is tiring of living in the RV during the winter and having no “projects.”  We will start looking for property in AZ next winter. 


  1. Sure wish we could get some of that rain down this way. But you can keep the winter coats up your way. Lots of places for sale down here - look at the great place that Al and Kelly found.

  2. If it is just projects Mike needs, we have room for the Pink motorhome, and Brenda always has projects that I am avoiding doing. Problem solved!!

  3. holy geeze I really do need to phone you more often lol. But JB is right I have a ton of projects on both sides of the border.

  4. Glad you got some rain.. Hope those showers drift east!! We winter in Lake Havasu City, AZ, it is just awesome. Its a small town, established in the 60's. We rent a condo, there is lots of activities. One thing I really like, because the town is so young, there isn't that inner city shabby area. Great restaurants, lots of places to walk. Check it out.

  5. Best of luck with selling the RV and finding the right spot in Arizona. Camping seemed like fun - albeit in the rain.

  6. I kind of like Mike's hat. I also kind of like heading south in the winter to avoid all the projects I have to do at home - it's a nice break.

  7. Sure do understand about priorities changing & RVing lifestyle's evolving & it's what those changes evolve into that makes it all interesting. I too like to have some enjoyable & creative hobbies going on instead of just 'sitting'. With a house & and an acre in Arizona I should be able to keep myself constructively busy for awhile. I understand Mike's restlessness. To me, a house in the southwest is just about perfect for our kind of RVing now. We have a comfortable home base to launch out on many side trips to just about any area of the southwest we want to go. Always a house to come home to with relaxing projects on the go. I must admit, I was beginning to tire a bit with day to day routines on the road. This way, it makes for a happy blend of two different lifestyles. Home & on the road:))

  8. Well happy day!!! I thought we were crazy, but here you guys and the Bayfields both are coming around to our kind of thinkin,,,,,Maybe we aren't crazy after all.....Sure hope we get to be neighbors in AZ......
    PS. I like Mikes hat!!

  9. I like Mike's hat also. With the rain it would shed better. Loved the pictures, looks like my kind of place. Did you catch any fish? At least you're still traveling.

  10. Buddy and Spunky sure are cute little dickens. I noticed Emmi has a new do as well. Good luck in your quest for a project place in AZ!

    1. The house next door to us is for sale. Great views of the Catalinas!

  11. Good luck finding your own little spot in AZ!! We are not ready to move away from the full timing lifestyle yet but that day might come in the future. Everyone should do what makes them happy!!

  12. nice that you were able to get away and experience your new trailer!!!..rains everywhere these days!..geesh!!!


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