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Friday, May 25, 2012

Nat’s Birthday Party

What a milestone—to reach your 90th birthday!  Nat lives alone, drives locally and up the Boulder to our house, makes his own decisions, takes no medications and is generally a positive person.  I think he enjoyed the fuss the family made over him last night and we sure enjoyed the party!

We enjoyed a happy hour while dinner cooked.  Katie had stopped by the local feed store last Tuesday and brought home one of their kittens.  Yesterday she got another kitten so the original one would have company.  Emmi and Buddy (LoraLee’s yorkie-poo) weren’t too sure about this creature—Emmi really didn’t like the creature sitting in Nat’s lap—that’s her lap!!  IMG_3482You can just see the little black kitten beside Nat.

Lonn grilled these humongous steaks (one steak could have fed three people!!), I made Brenda’s cheesy potatoes (which everyone loved Brenda), and a salad.  For dessert I broke my “no prepared food” rule and we had one of those decadent Costco huge chocolate cakes!  Those cakes are a favorite special occasion thing around here!

IMG_3492The top of it wasn’t orange, the candles and the flash must have caused that.

It was such an enjoyable evening and we all left thoroughly stuffed and happy.  IMG_3478Michael and his son.

IMG_3491A distraught Ms Emmi—that is Grandpa’s chair and MY chair when he’s not in it—what’s that black mewing critter doing in our chair???


As I type this blog entry, it is snowing heavily.  We woke to snow, it has snowed/rained all day but was too warm for any white stuff to accumulate.  The foothills around us are white, though.  We are under a winter storm watch with 1-2 feet of snow expected in the higher elevations around us!  Welcome to Memorial Day weekend in Montana—we need the moisture and welcome it!

Made granola today, leftovers for lunch, fiddled with my iPod and computer—the learning curve for me and any Apple product is way too steep! and quilted. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Nat - 90 years old and still healthy is quite an accomplishment.

  2. Would you mind posting the cheesy potato recipe? John

  3. sounds like the party was a success!!..Happy Birthday Nat!

  4. Well we are headed North into that storm ourselves.....We are sitting at the Vernal UT Elks club where it is nice, but windy of course.... Riverton, WY today with a little luck...
    I here ya on the Apple stuff, I have a hard time with my ipad,,,its neat, but it sure is nice to get back to my good ole windows... Happy Memorial day!!

  5. To have lived 90 years is to have witnessed many, many things in life. I bet Nat has an endless supply of interesting stories to share.

    SNOW? Well, it does keep the potential forest fires at bay.


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