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Friday, May 4, 2012

Did We Really Need Another Vehicle

Probably not, most probably not but Michael found a bargain he couldn’t pass up.  Nat tells me Michael has always loved automobiles, anything that runs so yes, we do have way too many vehicles for two people!  Today we drove over to Clyde Park and towed home a Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The car has a terrible sounding knock, the people who owned it didn’t want to spend the money to fix it—so we got it for a fantastic price and Michael is going to fix it up.  Grand Cherokees have all the bells and whistles and this one even has a sunroof.  I’m excited! 

Michael went up to Nancy and Geoff’s to dig post holes today—he came home at lunch time one tired man!  Says digging post holes by hand instead of with machinery is not fun any more!  Glad he didn’t ask me to help! Smile

I puttered this morning knowing we were going to Clyde Park this afternoon—made a couple batches of granola, quinoa cakes for lunch, and made some phone calls.  And of course I had to play ball with Emmi!


The mountains all around us got major snow last week, the guy who sold us the jeep said one of the ski areas, Bridger Bowl got 40 inches of new snow.  Today was beautiful—sunny and no wind.


  1. sounds like the two of you are getting quite the 'fleet' of vehicles..congrats on your latest purchase!

  2. So, what color is this one? And does it go with pink? :)

  3. There's nothing worse than digging fence post holes by hand.

  4. Hi Janna , I have been looking for new recipes healthy ones do you think you could post the quinoa cakes recipe I would love to try it.

    Thanks Rose, Janna I have chosen anonymous as a profile because I really don't know understand what the profile is!!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful picture!

  6. To have the mechanical abilities to fix broken down vehicles is a skill I wish I had. Hmmm, will there be a Tin Tee Pee used car lot on the mountain in the near future?

  7. Heh heh, he can collect vehicles like you collect fabric????

    Karen and Steve
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