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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snow, Visitors And Sewing Machines

After our nice weather days we woke and found ourselves sitting in a cloud.  Before long it began to snow—which is OK this year, we need some moisture in a bad way!  IMG_3350Snow didn’t accumulate, it was too warm and by lunch time the snow/rain had stopped.

Mom and Chuck showed up just before lunch—their job over in Gardiner, MT didn’t work out.  The owner’s promises weren’t panning out and a portion of the hours promised Chuck were going to someone else.    So, they decided to go home to Arkansas—it is probably for the best.  The rest of the family will be glad to see them, especially Mom’s granddaughter, Niki!

Michael started removing parts from the longarm sewing machine this morning and just before lunch he headed down to the post office to retrieve the new part, YEA!   He repacked the gear box while we had the machine upside downIMG_3352and we re-timed it.  The process was much easier this time—we had re-timed it once before when replacing the hopping foot.  Got it all back together, loaded a practice piece and it sews beautifully—no more skipped stitches!!  My husband is a genius!

Look what Santa, aka the UPS man, brought me today:IMG_3354new cookware, stainless steel.  We’ve read so much bad stuff about “clad” cookware and decided to change out our clad cookware for some stainless steel from Costco.

The sun is shining as I write this but with a nasty wind blowing.  Michael and I are off to the high school annual pops concert while Mom and Chuck hold down the fort and babysit Ms Emmi.  Seems the concert would probably end way past their bedtime!  Probably past mine too!!Smile


  1. Snow...uh-O, don't send it my way, I just put my tomatoes out. Don't you just love it when machines run the way they are suppose to?

  2. nice new pots and pans!..I see some cooking in your future!!!

  3. Great job on getting that long-arm all back together and running properly. I always seem to end up with an extra screw or bolt leftover.

  4. Jeanette sews with a regular machine and a serger (or is it surger) ...but I have never seen a 'long-arm'. Good thing to have handy Mike to maintain those machines.

  5. butterbean carpenterMay 11, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Howdy J&M,
    Cowboys can fix anything; ain't that right, Mike?? Except politicians!! What's brother Chuck and your mom doing working away off up there?? Chuck, it's North Dakota, not Montana, where all of the jobs are!! Did the engine get back into the Jeep?? Janna, the pics were great today, as usual.. Glad the frozen rain melted quickly; isn't it a little unusual in May??


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