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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Day Is It??

I’m always so confused when Monday is a holiday—I thought all day yesterday it was Sunday, today should have been Monday but nope, it is Tuesday!

I spent the morning quilting and cooking—lentil soup and salad for lunch.  I started a batch of bread dough from the cookbook, Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day (which you can buy by clicking on my Amazon link above).  I keep coming back to those bread recipes every time—they are just about fool proof and my other bread making forays are not so fool proof! 

Michael puttered, planned and plotted—if all his puttering, planning and plotting come to be I will fill you in later!

After lunch we drove into Big Timber to mail a birthday package to our Italy girl and a package to Jerry from EggRollings.  Jerry won the drawing for the book The Art Of Dancing In The Rain. Yea, Jerry!

We also picked up paint and flooring samples for the Tin Tee Pee.  Our ideas are coming together—maybe if we don’t change our minds!  Saw some beautiful porcelain tiles too—countertops??? 

Sunshine this morning, fast moving rain showers this afternoon.  Our Memorial Day weekend storms brought us over 2 inches of much needed moisture.

Last night I noticed what we call “Emmi’s chicken”, a grouse of some sort waddling across the yard—by the time I retrieved the camera from inside the house he had scooted on up the hill but I was able to get this photo of him.  IMG_3519

He seems to be saying, “you looking at me lady???”   Ugly thing isn’t he??

Flags flying in from of the American Legion hall in Big Timber:IMG_3524



  1. Glad you're getting rain cause I know how badly it is needed. But I'm sure hoping for sunshine on June 24 for the son's wedding. Homemade bread sure sounds good.

  2. I never know what day it is!!! Those grouse scare the heck out of me when I'm on an ATV trail and they fly up. Have a great 'short' week.

  3. beauty pic's Janna! Have you looked at Armstrong flooring called Allure? Lots of choices, gorgeous and just put in in my quilting studio. The stick edge type of Allure would work very well in an rv.

  4. glad that the plans for the trailer are coming together..sure will be nice once you start on the work..
    love those do it yourself projects!!!

  5. It's Wednesday now, Janna. I'm going to check out that bread book even though I probably shouldn't. The problem with home baked bread is that I eat it all - can't stop it's so good.

  6. The moisture will go a long way to stemming potential fires. We will be curious to know more about Michael's puttering, planning and plotting. Sounds mysteriously interesting.

  7. "Emmi's chicken" maybe ugly, but look at those outstanding eyebrows!!!

  8. Boy oh boy, that last shot looks like a jigsaw puzzle box! purrrrtttyyyyyy

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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