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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Billings And A New Driver’s License

We were off and running early this morning headed for Billings first dropping Emmi at Nat’s.  First on the agenda was Montana’s version of the Department of Motor Vehicles and I must say I had a much better experience than poor Rod has been having in the Kansas City area.  And our visit was not without it’s heavier and lighter moments!

We arrived at the DMV office in downtown Billings just after 9am and the waiting area was packed—I had a hair appointment at 11am on the other end of town, uh, oh—this isn’t looking good.  Took a number and filled out the application for a replacement license, the two clerks behind the counter were calling numbers rapidly and things were looking good.  Until one of the clerks remarked in a voice which could be heard all over the room, “ah, the room is full now, I think I’ll go take a break.”  I really don’t think the woman valued her life! 

Not to worry, other clerks from another room appeared and began calling numbers, too.  Things are looking up again.  A couple wandered in and sat down next to us beginning to complete the appropriate information form.  The woman asked me a couple questions about the form which I answered as best I could.  Her husband was called by one of the clerks in the other room, while she was having her photo taken he slipped back into our room and took her rather large wallet—I assumed so he could write a check for his driver’s license.  When the woman turned around and began to pick up her belongings I noticed her puzzled look at her purse, she sat down in the chair in front of the clerk and looked around with a worried expression—I said, “he took it.”  She laughed and said, “what would I do without you, I think you better accompany me all day!”  Her husband appeared just then with the wallet.

My number was called and I approached the desk with my required documents—a birth certificate and my passport.  The woman picks up the birth certificate which does not of course have my married name listed, compares it to the form I have completed, never looks at my photo or information in the passport and I’m good to go!!!  Takes my photo, $10 and I walk out with a paper driver’s license, real one to arrive in the mail.  And Rod, it is not even 10am!!!  But to be fair, Kansas City proper has a population of almost 3 million according to Google, the whole state of Montana has less than 1 million people!

Now, why did I need a replacement license—went to our local treasurer’s office the other day to get license plates for the little silver bullet trailer.  Stephanie at the counter asks for my driver’s license so she can use it to look up our records.  I open my wallet, sort through the cards—no driver’s license.  I have no recollection of the last time I even took the license out of my wallet for anything—who knows!!!

One of our missions today was to find a new couch for the silver bullet—the old one is hideously ugly and stinks to high heaven!!  Success!!  Great reclining loveseat at a fantastic price!

Costco was busy—holiday weekend is coming up but we did manage to get that truck load of stuff I talked about in last nights’ blog.  I meant to take a photo for Judy when I got home but forgot.  Strawberries, oranges, onions, garlic, baby back ribs, bird seed, etc—just a few things that were on my list. 

I’ll post about the haircut tomorrow complete with photos—many who know me will be in for a surprise!!! 

Tomorrow is Nat’s 90th birthday!!  Exciting!!  He refused to allow us to have a big celebration so we are doing a family birthday party at his house tomorrow evening.  On his 80th birthday we surprised him with a huge birthday party—close to 100 people in attendance!  So, he didn’t want us to do that again! 

A very good day in Montana!


And one last small town Montana story.  We needed to get a document notarized, we hurried back from Billings so we could be at the bank before 5pm.  Uh, oh, lobby closes at 4:30 except on FRIDAY when it stays open until 5am.  Dang!!  I was driving and said, “let’s just go to the drive up window and put this check in the bank.”  We did, I asked Gail if we could get something notarized, she got the bank manager, Debbie, we signed, she notarized, all through the drive up window drawer!  Only in small town USA!


  1. Like your DL and Notary story. One of the many perks of living in rural America.

  2. Loved the notary story. So very very true - only in small town USA. Sounds like your weather hasn't been the greatest. Hope it improves before we show up in about three weeks.

  3. great story about your DMV experience..
    be sure to wish Nat a happy birthday..good people are born on May too!!

  4. OK, that's really squeezing a lot into a single day. Helps to be acquainted with the Bank Manager too.
    These are the definite perks to small town life.

  5. I totally understand Nat not wanting a big fuss made for his Birthday. There would be some very much most big trouble around here if Kelly ever arranged for something like that. Come to think of it, I don't even know a hundred people. Atta boy Nat, good for you in putting your foot down & keeping those young whipper-snapper party animals in their place:))

  6. Can't wait to see what you whip up for a little family birthday get together. :)

  7. Nice stories about a day out in Montana - the service, the kindness and just how nice it was of you to assist that couple at the DMV.


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