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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not Much Happening

I spent the day quilting, Michael spent the day doing this and that—sawing fence boards, fixing fence, rigging me a plastic cover for my tender little squash and cucumber plants and going into town to see his Dad. 

Our birds are back—we have rosy red finches, goldfinches and lazuli buntings—those are our colorful ones.


I said in our last blog, our RVing priorities are changing.  We love our Country Coach motorhome but in spite of all the job offers from John and Brenda and others, Michael needs a project.  Do we need a 40 foot motorhome in which to go “camping” or to use traveling back and forth from Montana to Arizona??  We don’t think so.  We love to camp in forest service campgrounds where that 40 foot motorhome won’t fit—thus the Avion trailer.  The roads to get to some of the forest service campgrounds around here are not real roads, more like tracks.  We wouldn’t dream of taking the Country Coach where we camped with Lonn and LoraLee the other night.  Thus, the Avion trailer. 

I (Janna) have lots of ideas about how to fix up the trailer—just need to get Michael on track with those ideas.  He is mostly in agreement—it will make him a super Arizona project for next winter.  Here’s a couple photos I found on the internet of a restored Airstream trailer—think we can make our 70’s Avion trailer look this good???Airstream-Flying-Cloud-Travel-Trailer-06-4-800x535Airstream-Flying-Cloud-Travel-Trailer-11-1-800x533

We may or may not get to see the eclipse—clouds keep obscuring the sun.


  1. Bet you're gonna love that Avion. Hopefully, we will get to see the finished product in person somewhere in AZ.

  2. Hey that wasn't a "job offer". It was a rare opportunity to achieve fulfillment while helping out your friends. A job would mean you were going to get paid! :)

    Nevertheless we have room for your Avion at DPS as well. I am sure when you two get done with it, it will outshine that Airstream.

  3. It will be so exciting to see your finished Avion project. It is going to be beautiful. But I want those pillows in the airstream. You know, the ones with fish on them. lol

  4. that would be a major transformation!!..can't wait to see the work in progress!!

  5. That airstream renovation is really really cool! That's great motivation for the Avion. Looking forward to seeing your project develop to completion!

  6. I'm sure by the time you're finished with the Avion it will outshine that Airstream!

  7. The Avion re-build will be a nice project. We look forward to the photos - one renovated.


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