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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Short Visit

With sadness I waved goodbye to Mom and Chuck this morning as they headed back over to Yellowstone Park.  We enjoyed a rare for us breakfast of bacon and eggs before they began packing up their car.

Michael worked on a landscaping project for us all day today and while I was outside admiring his work two robins were trying to dive bomb us—we knew there must be a nest nearby and looked in all the logical places but couldn’t see one.  Finally after going back to work he noticed where the robins were flying to—they had built a nest in the cross timbers of our deck support in amongst the hops leaves.  IMG_7793 IMG_7792 The sun hitting the leaves gave the whole scene a golden glow.IMG_7795

After Mom and Chuck left I spent some time calling about jeeps for sale.  We may be off on an adventure Thursday????

Then it was time for more quilting—finished another project and have it ready for the customer—she will be pleased I am sure! 

Sometimes I have to pinch myself—instead of going to work in an operating room, dealing with nasty surgeons and hospital politics I am doing something I absolutely love—quilting.  While I don’t make near as much money as I made working as a nurse, I am much happier and content with life.  Life is good.


Vera wanted to know if Mom used a telephoto lens to take last night’s bear photo, no, the bear was right alongside the road as they were leaving Yellowstone Park and the photo was taken from the safety of their car!

Someone left a comment wanting to know if Rollie and the jeep made it back to Louisiana and yes he did—very, very early Saturday morning.  A very, very long drive in a jeep!


  1. The pictures of the baby bird are just WOW. Good luck on the jeep hunt.

  2. Like I said... Too close for comfort! What an experience. I came across bears too here on Vancouver Island but never that close.

  3. I think that doing something you love is always better for you than working just for money. It is great that you can now do that:)

  4. so glad that you are doing what you 'love'..sometimes it is not about the all mighty dollar!!

  5. I feel the same way about volunteering on NWRs as opposed to running an alternative school. :)

  6. No doubt about it - retirement is good. I'll get back to you on the wifi issue with Mike's laptop.

  7. Good luck on the Jeep hunt!! Why don't you guys slip down to the Escapade...Would love to see ya! hope we are caught up a little by then,,,,if not, well to "HE!!" with it....:-)

  8. The pictures of the baby robins are really beautiful, and congratulations on the new camera.

    Glad you like the Robyn Carr books, you might also enjoy Emily March, some of her books are set in Colorado.

    Can't wait to see what sort of Jeep you end up with!



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