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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hay Cutting Then Not Cutting

Every rancher’s problem—summer afternoon thunderstorms and we got a doozey this afternoon—the swather was running like a top, I was making great progress then about 2:30 the black clouds started rolling in, the wind picked up and it started to rain. Rats!!!

Michael finished over at Terry and Boo’s today and was also home about the time it started raining.

So, we are going to town—Michael needs a hydraulic hose, I have a customer quilt to deliver and we need a few groceries.

Emmi who has been home alone the last few days while I cut hay was so glad to see her Mom and Dad arrive home early this afternoon.  She has been a naughty girl—discovering bathroom trashcan kleenex and writing pens.  Home alone is not in Emmi’s vocabulary!

IMG_7665 OK, the wild roses are blooming, why do we still have this:


IMG_7672 Taken through the window of my 1959 VW.

Sun is out now as I finish the blog—go figure!!  Summer in Montana.


  1. naughty girl that Emmi!!..sorry to hear about the thunderstorm in the midst of 'hay cutting'!!

  2. Storm just passed through the Heights. Actually pulled in the big slide the wind was so bad. Every time we cross the Yellowstone I am just in shock at how high the water is and how fast it's roaring by. Our Skitzo always makes sure we know she wasn't happy about being left home alone. Can you blame them?

  3. "the swather was running like a top"...what does that mean? What the heck is a swather? Sorry, but some of us grew up as city girls. :)

    First time I've heard of you having a 59 VW! Punch Buggy!

  4. Emmi sounds like Poppy. She doesn't really dig in the trash, just tips it over so we know she is unhappy with us. Silly doggies.

  5. getting hay on the ground always makes it rain...... Now it will never dry....might have to take a side delevery and turn it. Guess you must bail it....right? Its gotta be dry.... quarter size hail here to, but I don't think it did any damage.. Sure had us on our knee's. You know that sunkin sick feeling!!

  6. I would just like to come out to your place sometime to take that VW for a spin. I'm an old 'Beetle' driver from waaaaay back in 63 when a VW was my very first car of ever. I've had about a dozen or more over the years driving them from coast to coast here in Canada & as far south as Florida. We used to fill the inside rim of the spare tire with beer & ice & then put the hubcap on. Made a perfect hideaway cooler:))

  7. Ah the smell of fresh cut hay, we used to bale it and not roll it like they do today, a lot more hand work,Check out our post about Rigg's and Sadie getting into trouble while they were home alone, Emmi is not alone.


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