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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jeep Rides

After our walk Michael suggested we take a short jeep ride so I could drive it for the first time.  We drove up to Natural Bridge State Park and I love the jeep!


Kind of a nice view coming down the Boulder valley.

Spent the rest of the day cleaning my house, doing laundry and cooking—after all, my favorite niece (really, my only niece) and her family are coming tonight!  Made homemade ice cream and one of those cream cheese pound cake—guess we will live on dessert alone??? 

Michael spent the day working on the old farm truck, something about a mount for a hydraulic pump breaking???  We made a run late this afternoon for parts and a few groceries of course taking the jeep! 

We are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of the gang!

IMG_0028 The deer are allowing me to view a few day lily blossoms this year!

They are here!!  Rolled in about a quarter to 8pm tonight.  We all sat on the deck and visited a while before I took them down to our former house which Joe and Tammy had graciously loaned us.  They will have lots of room to spread out, come and go as they please.  They think it’s cold here—both girls had to have blankets!IMG_0030 IMG_0041 IMG_0038

IMG_0045 Emmi’s soccer ball went over the deck edge and almost into the creek—I was holding onto Leah while she reached down to get the ball.

I’m enjoying an Arkansas grown tomato as I type this—there is nothing so good as a fresh ripe tomato!


  1. You are certainly right about a fresh ripe tomato!

  2. Live on dessert? Definitely. Have a great time with your niece.

  3. Such cute girls! Have a great visit!
    I love your yellow Jeep. It's going to be fun to drive - and easy to find. Looks like you lucked out finding one so clean and well taken care of. :)

  4. Looks like it's time to have some fun! I guess coming from down in Arkansas anything up north would seem a bit cool.

  5. have a great visit with your 'favorite niece'!!!..the girls are beautiful!!

  6. Yep, sure know what you mean by it being fun to drive the Jeep. Takes me back to my early VW Bug days.


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