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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finished Cutting

I was out on the swather by 10am this morning and Judy, here’s what a swather looks like:

IMG_7675 You sit high up over the cutter apparatus and control the movement of the swather with a joy stick.  The cutter bar is 12 feet wide so this is one big machine.

Cutting went very well today and we finished cutting late this afternoon.  Michael started baling after lunch today too.  We are gonna get this hay finished!



It was a beautiful, cool day after last night’s thunderstorm.  This afternoon after Michael finished baling we took the convertible and went into town to get some more baling twine—we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies coming home with six boxes of baling twine strapped to the back of the little sports car!

Chicken fajitas' for dinner—first time I have really cooked since Rollie and Gina left, we’ve been eating sandwiches and stuff as we are so tired in the evening.

IMG_7681 A shot of some of the hay we have cut—not a bad place to cut hay, beautiful views all around.


  1. You've really got a lot done. Hope you can finish haying quickly. The weather sure was incredible today. Just perfect and no storm tonight.

  2. Hay!!..sounds like it was a productive day!!!

  3. Hope you didn't 'swath-up' that deer in your first picture!! That baling looks to be a dusty job.


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