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Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, I guess I wasn’t destined to have a garden this year.  The early spring hailstorm we had did a lot of damage destroying completely some of my plants.  Today we had one heck of a hailstorm—marble sized hail and lots of it!

I had let Emmi outside about 15 minutes earlier and was downstairs sewing when I happened to glance out the basement door—yikes—it was almost as black as night.  I jumped up and ran upstairs to call Emmi, noticed the garage doors were open—ran out there and shut those, rolled up the windows in the VW and got half my potted flowers on the deck pulled under the eaves of the house before it hit.  Hailstones hurt!!!  I was pelted while running to get the rest of my deck plants protected.  I haven’t been out to see the garden, I’m afraid to!IMG_7771 IMG_7768

Michael spent the day loading the hay we cut for our neighbor’s onto a semi-truck.  The ranch where Lonn works bought the hay to feed their cattle this winter. 

Tammy and part of her family are here for the weekend and she hiked up to see us today bringing Nala and Luke—her two eight month old Saint Bernard crosses—those dogs are huge, horse size!  Emmi is very intimidated by them to say the least although she did let one of them know today she was not happy with him sniffing a certain part of her anatomy! 

I spent the day working on a baby quilt—I really love this pattern, it belonged to my Grandmother and she made countless numbers of these quilts for friends and family members. 

We’ve talked to Rollie a couple times today—at 5pm our time today it was 50 degrees and Rollie said he was going through Dallas where it was 105 degrees! 


A Montana summer time day.


  1. holy hail storm!!! goodness!!!

  2. That was some hailstorm. Some of those chunks looked pretty big. What weird weather we're all having.


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