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Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Baling

Had a breakdown today and needed parts—Michael roared into town in the convertible and roared back—he’s back in business and still baling.  Emmi and I took him a fudge ice cream bar, potato chips and iced tea—haying food—a little while ago.

Emmi got a bath and a haircut today, I cleaned the house and mowed the lawn.  That’s the extent of my day—makes me wonder what I did the rest of the time!

Our granddaughter Laci recently received the Air Force Achievement Medal (First Oak Leaf Cluster) for Meritorious Service—good job Laci!!!  She called from Italy today, it is always good to talk to her. 

Our skies have been black and stormy almost all day—so far no rain, only sprinkles.  And I don’t think it even reached 70 degrees today!


IMG_7696This is Emmi’s routine—if Dad doesn’t move the computer fast enough so she can get in his lap she becomes rather insistent, sometimes she crawls right up in his face around the computer.  She is sitting there with her paws on his leg looking up at him as if to say, “come on Dad, move the computer.”

Michael is on the phone with a Medicare representative giving permission for me (his wife) to obtain info from Medicare.  Have I mentioned how much I hate our medical care system????  When Michael first was eligible for Medicare we downloaded the form giving me authorization to speak for him and sent it back.  Since that time I have spoken to Medicare many times on Michael’s behalf.  Today they seem to have lost the form and wouldn’t let me speak for him.  GRRRR


  1. My blood pressure go up just thinking about our ef'ed up medical system and this insane system where a husband or wife can't get info on the other. Any time we call about my DH's pension I make the call, then he has to take the phone & tell them to talk to me, then I take it back and finish business.....EVERY DARN TIME!!! What ever happened to blanket permission??

  2. I'm not trying to be snotty here, but why can't the men speak for themselves, or put the call on speaker phone?

  3. That picture of Emmi with Michael looks very familiar to me! Only, I have 2 muttzo's doing that to me when I'm using my laptop!


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