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Friday, July 29, 2011

We Made It Home

Just before 7pm we rolled up the driveway—what a grueling trip!  If I didn’t have that little bumble bee looking jeep sitting out there I would wonder if we were absolutely crazy to go that far to find a jeep.  We were fairly certain after talking to the seller that this would be the one or we would not have traveled that far—two owners, this young man and his father-in-law, he told me the inside looked like it was new (it does), it came with a hard and soft top and it is a manual transmission, something we both wanted.  Michael looked every day sometimes two and three times a day in Craigslist trying to find a jeep at least in Montana with no luck.  We also tried to find one in Spokane so we could visit our dear friends Gene and Mary with no luck there, either. 

Once again we traveled the back roads spending very little time on the interstates today.  We had a great burger at a little stand by the road in Arco, Idaho—made interesting because all the high school graduating classes from way back to present climb up the hill and paint their graduating year onto the rocks above town. 

I sure did miss my motorhome bathroom—the public bathrooms at rest areas and in gas stations really get a workout this time of year—lots and lots of tourists.  Our hotel room last night was great—usually I miss my motorhome bed but last night’s bed was wonderful!  The free breakfast this morning was good, too.

But oh boy is it ever good to be home!  And the deer didn’t eat my day lilies while I was gone.  Emmi and I have been on patrol trying to keep the deer from eating the flowers right before they bloom—the deer seem to think my day lilies taste like candy!

Here’s an interesting structure in the small little town of Twin Bridges, MT, there are two of these round barns in this little spot—one at the fairgrounds and this one out on private property:IMG_0023

IMG_0025 And this is how the jeep came home—Michael rigged the tow bar and lights with the tools he carried with him.  We were totally legal!

Excitement here on the Clark Ranch—my sweet niece and her family have left Arkansas heading our way—I can’t wait for them to get here!


  1. Looks good...It does look like a bumblebee!!!

  2. I went past Twin Bridges from both the Sheridan Road and the Whitehall Road last week. Why didn't I see this building?

  3. I have seen those kind of barns before. I like the looks of them. I winder if the design has any practical reason. They look very high, perhaps for feed storage?

  4. Glad you're home safe and sound with the Bumbler attached.

  5. what a cute little 'bumble bee' good for 'buzzin' around!!!
    welcome home..glad you made it safely!!

  6. Looks nice! I just sold my Brake Buddy on eBay....

  7. That's a very good-looking jeep! Glad you had a safe trip to get it. We went through Arco when we visited Craters of the Moon, interesting area.

  8. Great to see you made it home safely with your new Jeep - it looks good!


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