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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Are Still Busy

For someone who is supposed to be retired my husband has sure gotten busy!  Today he headed over to Terry and Boo’s to start their driveway repairs—new culverts, etc.  Their driveway is fairly steep and washed out severely in late May when we had all the heavy rain.

A couple weeks ago some new neighbors Dave and Max approached Michael about cutting their hay.  Max is the niece of our neighbors Beth and Ed.  Since retiring last year Dave and Max have moved here and are helping Beth and Ed on their place. 

Our haying equipment is old and requires lots of maintenance—the hay is very, very thick.  I spent a large part of the afternoon climbing down out of the swather and unplugging the conditioner—I have aching muscles I didn’t know existed!  I was covered in grease and oil by the time I finished cutting the one pasture but I got it done—it is cut and will need to dry out before Michael can bale.  Michael was very relieved to see I had gotten the hay cut when he drove by on his way home.

IMG_7643 Now does that look like the arm of someone who doesn’t go to town without makeup??  And I was questioning my sanity in wearing a white t-shirt, at least it was an old t-shirt!

My Mom and her husband Chuck are working in Yellowstone Park—Mom called me a little while ago to tell me a grizzly bear killed a man in the Park today.  He and his wife were hiking and came upon a grizzly sow with cubs.  YIKES!!! 

It was a warm day again today but not as warm as yesterday, last night was one of those rare nights in Montana when it was too warm to sleep. 


  1. You guys definitely are working way too hard. And we didn't sleep last night either because it was too warm. Storm is moving in right now and I'm hoping it will cool it down some.

  2. What a woman! Out in the fields running a machine to cut hay and getting grease and oil up past your elbows. Mike is a lucky man indeed!

    I read about the Grizzly Bear attack. I'm very thankful we only have Black Bears here on Vancouver Island. They can be dangerous but no where near like Grizzly's.

  3. nice work on the hay!!.you do it all don't you!!!
    too bad about the man killed by the bear!..a momma bear protecting her cubs..a dangerous situation!!

  4. That sure doesn't look like the Janna I know. LOL Glad to hear that you did get it all cut. We really miss you guys!!!

  5. That is definitely not my idea of retirment:)


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