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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making Hay While The Sun Shines

Michael was baling hay before lunch this morning and is still out on the tractor here at 8pm.  The rain has held off and that is a good thing but he is about to run out of dry hay—the hay needs to dry for about 48 hours before baling and he has caught up with what has dried a sufficient amount of time. 

The weeds had overtaken my pathetic excuse for a garden so weeding was first on my agenda today.  Then I decided to tackle some other weeds—one of the most prevalent noxious weeds in Montana is burdock—it forms huge burrs that have many, many seeds in each burr that attach to animals such as deer and  cattle spreading the weed far and wide.  Just outside the kitchen window behind this huge prickly bush I have been noticing a burdock plant developing seed pods.  I climbed up the hill above the weed with my shovel and was about to use my foot to push the shovel into the plant’s root when I lost my footing and fell down into the prickly bush and the burdock plant.  Couldn’t get up, couldn’t get out of the bush—squirmed around, turned the air blue and was finally able to free myself—GEEZ! 

And if that wasn’t enough work, I got out the weedeater.  By lunch time I was beat—hot and sweaty! 

As I have finished swathing the hay my job now is to take care of Michael—take him lots of water and ice cream fudge bars.  Take him oil and baling twine.  Emmi gets to go with me so that makes for one happy dog!



  1. Those burdock things are not funny. Sure glad you were finally able to get yourself out of there. I would have called it quits at that point.

  2. sorry to hear that you took a little 'tumble in the bushes'!!.hope you are okay!!

  3. I have not thought about burdock plants in a long time. Not the best of places to land. Did you actually see the air turn blue?:)

  4. Yep, sure know about burdocks alright. Max used to get into them with his long fur & they were miserable things to get out. Always ended up with a scissors cutting out clumps of fur. They can sure mat up a dogs tail in a hurry!!

  5. I sure am impressed by what you do in a day Janna.( Mike too) Also impressed by the supportive spirit you share in your small community. Always enjoy reading about your day to day life.


  6. I'm disappointed that Mike wasn't there to get a picture of you in the bushes! That would have been priceless. But I am glad you are ok. (:
    Your favorite niece -

  7. Just getting caught up on my reading. Thanks for the swather explanation. Sorry about the nasty trip you took!

  8. Glad to hear you made it out of the Burdock plant alive. It's strange how we sometimes get into these very weird situations with no one else around.

  9. It's good no one was around with a video camera when you had your battle with the burdock. The Amish around here think burdock is as good as gold...they use it for healing something or other.


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