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Monday, July 4, 2011


I’m done with Facebook as of this morning.  The Bayfield Bunch Facebook account was hacked and very offensive pornographic photos were posted.  A friend here in Montana, Dava, had the same thing happen to her.  I’m done—if Facebook can’t control its applications I see no reason to participate.  It’s dangerous and just not for me.

I used Facebook mostly for the photos—my sweet niece posts photos of her children, my friend Cheryl of her new grandbaby, my friend Jeane of her grandchildren, my granddaughters Katie and Laci of their lives—but so be it, I’ll have to see those photos another way.


  1. Never have been a fan of Facebook but I check it out everyday to see what my son is up to. I don't post anything. There has got to be some way to control and monitor this site.

  2. Even though I'm a big techie fan, I hate Facebook! I quit using Facebook, and blogged about it, back on May 30, 2010. My reasons were the insidious and privacy breaching 'friends' system.

    I haven't missed it one bit either as there are lots of safer ways to communicate with my family and real friends.

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  4. I was hacked on FB just yesterday and an offensive video posted using my account. I was able to delete it right away but I am disgusted with FB. I only stay on because all my kids and grandkids are on and it's an easy way to stay in touch. I may have to reconsider.

  5. facebook..crackbook..what ever you want to call it!..sounds like they need to adjust a few things!!..


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