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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Makes People Do Crazy Things??

Yep, it was a wild goose chase—we drove all the way to Bozeman yesterday to look at a hardtop jeep this guy had for sale, a 2001 with some issues which my handy dandy husband thought he could fix.  It is a 200 mile roundtrip.  We get there, drive the jeep, Michael thinks mechanically it is in great shape and make the guy an offer for exactly what he was asking.  He stammers and stutters around, “uh, like, uh, I’ve gotta find something to drive first, maybe, like, uh, I am just gonna keep it, I’ll let you know tomorrow.”  Good GRIEF!!  Why put something for sale on Craigslist (he listed it the same day we went to look at it) and then not want to sell it???  Double Good GRIEF!!!

We come all the way home and Michael changes the oil in our jeep cause—drum roll please---Rollie flew in this morning to drive our, now his jeep back to Louisiana.  Michael picked him up in Bozeman, we all had lunch in Big Timber and Rollie got on the road about 1pm.  It sure was great to get another hug from Rollie—wish Ms Gina could have come too!!  So, we are looking for another jeep, a hardtop.  If you read Rollie’s recent blog you will figure out why he bought this jeep.  IMG_2055


Last night we went back to Livingston to meet our friends Gwen and Arch at the Rib and Chop House.  We had a great meal and a great visit. 

This afternoon was spent mowing grass and other chores—now it’s relaxing time!  And oh, by the way, Mr. Jeep owner from Bozeman never called us today.


A Montana traffic jam—Rollie’s new jeep acquired some Montana cow droppings as I was heading to town—sorry Rollie!


  1. well at least you held up your end of the bargain! you are jeepless!..oh dear!!!

  2. I think people who do crazy things are crazy to begin with.

  3. We've run into a couple of things on craigslist that went the same way. But then we've had great luck with other things. Sorry about your Jeep. But at least our weather has sure been beautiful these last couple of days.

  4. That guy is hard to believe. Would you even buy it now if he called back? Hope you find what you want soon.

  5. Too bad about the jeep...that's just crazy.

    I enjoyed the photo of the Montana traffic jam.

  6. I can't believe it, Put it up for sale and them won't sell it, you know me, iI would be mad and tell him to put it where the sun don't shine! We used to heard cattle up and down the road like that......
    Rollie double tow??? I don't believe it!!
    Wish he would have stopped by, his route could have taken him right close to us....

  7. That is the same kind pf person that changes his order in a restaurant five times and then when the food comes, does not like what he ordered.


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