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Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Have A Jeep

Whew, it was a long day yesterday.  I drove out of the Elks Lodge parking lot last night with my newly initiated Elk Lodge member husband after 10pm.  By the time we picked up Emmi and drove home it was after midnight and we still had to unload the Costco/Wal Mart run!!! 

We had arranged to look at a jeep in Boise, Idaho today and that’s an eight to nine hour drive from our home—ugh—especially when you haven’t had any sleep.  But we got ourselves going this morning and were rolling down the driveway by 10:30. 

We only get mail delivery at our house three days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I really, really wanted my new camera so we stopped by the post office on our way through McLeod—jackpot!!!  It was there!  All photos tonight are taken with the new Canon SX30IS!!  But in defense of the camera, the photos were taken out the dirty truck windows at 75mph!

It was a long day of driving but with two drivers we managed well—Michael took a nice nap and I ate Mike and Ike’s candy to stay alert—my dentist will thank me! 

I’ve had a real problem with my hip lately and I think part of the problem is a little black dog sitting in my lap all the time when we are traveling causing my weight to sit on that hip.  As we took the big one ton dually crew cab pickup today, Emmi had the whole back seat to herself and you can see she was thrilled with the idea.IMG_0004

We saw lots of cows, hayfields, hay bales and sprinklers.IMG_0013

The road we took led us near the neighborhood for the rich and famous—Sun Valley, Idaho.  That’s Sun Valley snow covered mountains in the background.


And lastly—we arrived at the home of the jeep owner about 7:30.  We knew we liked this kid when we found out he had a little Toyota MR2 just like ours in the garage. 

We are the proud owners of a new to us jeep—a 2001 bright yellow one (the color is growing on me).  The young man who sold us the jeep told me on the phone that he was the second owner with his soon to be father-in-law being the first owner and that the jeep was immaculate—it was!  We are so happy!

And, my handy husband brought just about every tool he owns and in less than 30 minutes he had the jeep ready to tow home behind the truck! 

IMG_0022 IMG_0021

We are staying in Boise tonight and have one of the nicest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in—and I’ve stayed in a lot of hotel rooms.  Very nice!  I am enjoying a glass of complimentary wine and thinking that nice king size bed looks really good after my short night of sleep last night!


  1. That sure is a long drive. congrats on your new Jeep. Hope you get a good night's rest before your trip home.

  2. congrats on the 'sunny yellow' jeep!..looks mighty fine!!!..sleep well..sounds like you have earned a good night's sleep!!

  3. You are going to love that Canon, we have the SX20IS which is the model yours replaced, yours has two more pixels and a bigger zoom.300 instead of 250. I have shot a lot of pictures through it in the last year and it keeps getting better. Your new Jeep looks like brand new. Tell Mike the only Jeep I ever owned was a 42 MB Willys left over from WW2 that sat in a barn for 30 years, needed seats and a gas cap and a carb rebuild and then it ran fine, flat head 4 and top speed of 45mph, Looked like Pat Brady's Nellybelle, got it restored and sold it my brother for a lot less than what it was worth.Enjoy your Jeeping,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Double congrats on the Camera & the Jeep. It was a yellow Wrangler just like that which really kicked my interest into high gear a little over a year ago. I'm sure you will like that hard top much better than the soft top. It's a tad heavy but two people can lift it off & put it on. Only takes a few minutes.

  5. Wow, Congratulations!!! Nice Jeep. I have two Polaris 4x4's that are yello....Takes a little time to get used to the colcr, but a friend told me they look like YIELD sign's.....HaHa.
    I'm surprised they let you in that nice of a motel with a pet. We had a terrible time when we were out looking for a motorhome.....

  6. Congratulations on the Jeep! My first car was that colour, way back in 1977. Didn't have any choice, it was a used car and came that way.
    Looks much better on a Jeep though.

  7. It seems you guys sure do change vehicles often. :)

  8. Gee we only had to go as far as Helena to get our truck. Boise is definitely a long haul. But I sure do like the looks of your new Jeep. Hope it runs as good as it looks. Even when the girls have the whole back seat they still want my lap. Emmi is so much better behaved.

  9. Cool Jeep. From what I see on the roads, bright yellow is THE color to have now.

  10. Congratulations! What a fun color!

  11. Good thing you got that trailer to haul it in, I am thinking that Brenda wouldn't approve of that bright yellow Jeep hanging on the back of that Salmon coloured motor home. Might take a while for that combination to grow on her.

  12. Congrats on the new Jeep and the new camera. The Jeep looks brand new and the pics from the camera are great!

  13. Congrats on the jeep. Glad the long ride was fruitful and you got to have a pleasant evening before heading home.

  14. She's a beauty! I'm sure you will get many hours of use from such a practical vehicle!

  15. And congratulations on persistently following through on the Elks membership. It will make your trips to Billings a lot simpler, won't it? And I think you will enjoy parking at other lodges when you are traveling.

    Cute Jeep!


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