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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friends Arrive

It was warm and muggy here today something we don’t experience very often.  Michael finished baling all the hay today, yippee!!!! 

This morning I finished loading a quilt on the frame and even managed to get a little stitching done, too.  I’m trying out a new thread from Bobbin Central called Glide.  The thread has color coordinated pre-wound bobbins that are a dream to use.  I am using a gold color thread top and bottom that is turning out beautiful stitches.  Marti, you will be pleased!

I took Michael lunch in the hayfield, we spread a quilt and had a little picnic.  When I got back home the phone rang and it was Ellie to say she and Jim were all settled at Spring Creek Campground in Big Timber. 

On schedule this afternoon for me was a much needed massage and some usual errands—post office (ugh), bank, grocery store.  I then stopped by the campground to collect Jim, Ellie and the furkids—they followed me up the Boulder in their car.

We enjoyed a delicious meal—coca cola brined chicken on the grill—it was so good with some corn on the cob, watermelon and cantaloupe.  After dinner Jim, Ellie, all the furkids and I drove up to Natural Bridge State Park.  Jim and Ellie were here two years ago at this exact same time and the river was not going over the falls at that time.  So, like Gina and Rollie—they got to see the river at low water and high water. 

Michael met us back here at the house and we spent a little time visiting before they headed back into Big Timber with lots of reminders to watch out for the deer.

Another great day in Montana!


“I'm not trying to be snotty here, but why can't the men speak for themselves, or put the call on speaker phone?”

July 11, 2011 7:30 PM”

Judy left the above comment on last night’s post regarding my problems with speaking to Medicare on Michael’s behalf.  I will answer for Michael and I only—I speak medical, he doesn’t.  I am a retired nurse and know how the system works—in this household we both have things we are each better at—for example I do all the medical type phone calls, paperwork, etc and Michael fixes anything that breaks.  He keeps our vehicles in tip top shape, I cook. 

I’ve run into the same problem speaking for Nat—I speak for him because he is 89 years old and has a serious hearing deficit making it extremely difficult to hear anyone on a phone.  Why should I have to keep filling out forms time after time so that I can speak for Nat—it’s ridiculous—about as ridiculous as every single person in the same doctor’s office on the same day asking my date of birth.  This privacy thing has gotten totally out of hand. 


  1. happy that John and Ellie got to come and visit!! our house, we both have things that we won't do...Doug hates returning purchases that he doesn't want..that is my job!..what ever works...what does he do for me?..cook, clean vacuum, take the dog a good husband!

  2. It was so humid here in Billings last night, it was almost hard to breath. Very unusual. And it's still sticky this morning. That waterfall is really incredible. You talk medicine and I talk taxes so I do our tax return every year. But we've kind of worked things out like you. Jim is a fixer - thank goodness.

  3. Good explanation. Thanks. Wish I had someone that could fix things for me. :)

  4. I agree with you completely. There are just some things that each of us is better at handling so why not take advantage of it.

  5. Bringing lunch into the field sure brought back some childhood memories when my mother would bring lunch out to all of us working to get a crop in or harvested.

    Anneke does almost all the medical calls. She does not mind to much and I hate it. As you said we each have things we do and that works out pretty well:)

  6. Yup, we each have our own things we are good at. I get real tired of those questions too...especially dealing with medicare. First you go thru the phone tree and key in date of birth, etc. then when you finally get a live person, you have to repeat it all over again, then you get transferred and it starts all over AGAIN. Frustrating. We are now fighting with Medicare and insurance over test strips and diabetic supplies. Had to finally buy some on our own because the insurance keeps holding up the approval. SHEESH!!


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