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Monday, July 18, 2011

Off To Work

For Michael that is, he is installing a water system from a new well to a cabin for our friends Robyn and Claire.  And today was one of those rare Montana days when I was glad my quilting studio was in the nice cool basement as we have no air conditioning.  It was HOT here today!

I did a few regular chores this morning, vacuuming, laundry and speaking of vacuuming—my vacuum cleaner died while Rollie and Gina were here.  It was only about 10 years old and was a very expensive model.  My previous old Hoover lasted probably 25 years before it gave up the ghost.  I researched and researched vacuums and while at Costco the other day just couldn’t bring myself to pay close to $500 for another vacuum cleaner!  So, we bought another Hoover, a $160 Hoover.  I used it for the first time this morning (and yes, I have vacuumed my house since Rollie and Gina left using the motorhome vacuum) and think I am going to like it.IMG_7750

So, what is a fake filet mignon???  A Big Timber restaurant which is no longer in business had them on the menu as “poor man’s steak.”  Well, it is lean hamburger made into a thick patty then encircled with a strip of bacon.  Nothing fancy buy good!

And that’s it for our day here in sunny, warm Montana. 



  1. That 'fake filet mignon' sounds like it would make a great hangover.

    The good thing about getting older is that we don't have to worry about buying things that will last 25 more years!!!

  2. we have a 'meile vacumm'..the best ever!..a little yellow one! cute!!

  3. We bought a new Hoover similar to yours last winter while we were in Elfrida. Works great. Kelly just bought 5 slightly cheaper Hoover's a week ago for Deer Park Lodge & has already had to take one back because of a squealing motor. Hope the other four are going to be OK & hope she didn't get 'sucked in' on a bad Hoover model.


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