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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wild Goose Chase Or Not??

A quick trip to Bozeman—wild goose chase??  Won’t know until tomorrow. 

Michael baled our hay this morning and hauled it to the hay yard before we took off for Bozeman.

It was a glorious day weather wise here in Montana,  high of around 75 degrees with a cool breeze, much better!

I snipped all the loose threads on Marti’s Thimbleberry quilt, trimmed the edges, packed it up and when we went through Big Timber I shipped that quilt along with a quilt for my Aunt off to Arkansas.  I would really like to get something of my own ready for our little county fair next week—we shall see!



Sunset last night. 

Emmi loves this “pig” toy, it makes the most obnoxious sound and  is almost as big as she is.  I purchased the “pig” for our other schnauzer Jazz and she hated it—was terrified of the thing and would walk a wide path around the toy if I happened to get it out to see if she had changed her mind.  Emmi loves it.


Happy Birthday dear friend Kelly—she lives in Kansas City and we worked together for Kimberly-Clark—she and our other two special Kimberly-Clark girlfriends are coming to Montana in late August, I can’t wait!


  1. recycled toy..good idea!..our boy, Tucker..he is a savage when it comes to soft toys..except of course the duck he got from Donna and is still intact..but come to think of it?..where is that dang duck?..quack!

  2. Your sunset photo is sure nice. It's funny what some dogs will attach themselves too.


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