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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Different Direction

Really cool here this morning, about 42 degrees and now it is just a very pleasant summer day.  I feel so sorry for all these people who are caught up in the terrible heat wave across the country—my family in Arkansas is melting!

We are off in a new direction today—Michael gets initiated into the Elks Lodge tonight.  We are having dinner there and the initiation ceremony will follow. 

Emmi is spending the evening with Nat—she will be good company for him.

We are also taking a serger sewing machine to Billings for friend Jeane.  Seems the quilt store in Billings, Back Door Quilts has forgotten what customer service is all about.  Jeane bought a new serger there about a year ago, a part broke, she went into the store to try and get the part and was informed, “we don’t sell those anymore, sewing machines are not our focus, we are not a parts store, etc.”  YIKES!  So, Jeane drove across town and purchased a used BabyLoc serger from the local Pfaff dealership and I am taking her old one to them today as a trade.  So, Back Door Quilts has probably lost two customers.

And on another different note—I’ve had a Canon PowerShot SX10IS for about two years.  I was very pleased with the camera and the photos it took.  I mentioned to Michael the other day that I would like to send the camera to Canon for cleaning.  He asked me what the cost for that procedure was and I told him about $100.  Michael suggested I buy a new camera—who am I to argue????  So I sold the original Canon on eBay a couple days ago for half the price of the new one!!!  Exciting!!!  My new Canon should be here any day now—a Canon SX30IS with a 35X zoom, 14.1megapixels.  I am so excited!

So, off we go!



  1. congrats on the camera sale on E-bay!!..way to go..and now a brand new camera all shiny and new!..ready to take some great photos!!!

  2. Please send the cooler weather our way --- NW Arkansas to be exact. Like your relatives somewhere in Arkansas we who reside in Fayetteville are burning up and under a burning ban. We get excited when the weather man even speculates a rain cloud. I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. You're excited...and I'm jealous. Enjoy your new camera.

  4. You'll love that new Canon camera. A few bloggers already have that model and they're always posting terrific looking zoom photos taken with the 30is.

  5. One of the great things about being an Elk is that you can then use their lodge parking areas fro camping in many locations.

    Have fun at the ceremony!

  6. Good deal about the camera. That's the way things are nowadays. Cheaper to replace than to repair.

  7. Interesting, my main object of attending the Escapade is to join the Elks. They are having a group initiation znd my old friend Art Fennell is heading it up. They have lots of rv parking places across the country. I joined once before way back in about 1965.

    Enjoy the new Camera!


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