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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ladies Day

Bright and early Ellie was driving around the compound to get Deb and me and we were off to Lake Havasu—first stop Starbucks for our “foo-foo” coffee as Michael calls it and then to the Weight Watcher’s meeting.

Lunch, a little bit of shopping and then back home.  We had a great day laughing—Ellie and I decided Deb is not cut out for Weight Watchers and if she goes with us again, will have to remain in the car! 

Deb decided she could do without this Easter bonnet:IMG_1617 Not really appropriate attire for boondocking!

I did find a bargain in Penny’s—a pressure cooker!  Was $100 marked down to $40!IMG_1619 Deb and I were hanging out in house wares waiting for Ellie to return her dust ruffle and this one caught my eye.

Michael and Emmi took a long walk this morning and I think Michael said he looked for wires all day—as in spare wiring to hook a brake system to in the motorhome for the trailer we purchased.

On our way out of the desert this morning, Deb spotted this coyote—he actually had a companion and Deb got some great photos.  Fat, healthy coyotes—better keep a close eye on that Emmi girl!



  1. great 'girls day out'!..did Deb misbehave at the Weightwatchers meeting???

  2. Looked like a fun day. Nice shot of the coyote!

  3. Weight Watchers is just common sense. Portion control and exercise. I understand some people need meetings to tell them that. I'm just not going to pay someone to tell me that. I just have issues with "structure". JMHO


    P.S. I'll gladly wait in the car

  4. I love Starbuck's - Don's happy with Folger's or Maxwell House. He calls my Starbuck's "fancy-schmancy." I like "foo foo."


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