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Monday, February 21, 2011

Those Dang Necessary Chores

Even when you are spending the winter “vacationing” in southern Arizona living in a recreational vehicle (motorhome) necessary chores do sneak up on you.  Michael was out of clean socks (it has been two weeks since the last time laundry was done) so off to Parker we went early this morning!

Our original plan was to leave here about 8am—my cellphone had other ideas!  I charged the phone yesterday while the generator was running and received the little beepy message that told me the phone (which isn’t a month old) was fully charged.  Well, at 4:30am the sweet little phone began to beep telling me it needed charging---GRRRR!  So both Michael and I were up just before 5am and out the door headed to the laundromat by 7:30!

It was a good time to be in the laundromat—mostly deserted until the woman with the two obnoxious children arrived—actually, the mother was the obnoxious one as she seemed to have no clue how to control two out of control children—I considered stuffing the two children in one of the dryers but decided against that idea!  Maybe I should have stuffed the mom in the dryer????  Laundry was accomplished while Michael shopped for trailer tires with no luck.

Back home and unloaded with Michael driving back out again to the tire shop in Bouse where he hit pay dirt—new tires are on the way as well as a rim for the spare. 

Our friends Jim & Ellie along with Deb and Rod have fed us several times—today was our turn.  I had made spaghetti sauce yesterday and today homemade bread.  We all feasted tonight on spaghetti, salad, bread and for dessert—angel food cake with fresh berries—strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.  It was a great evening eating and visiting.

All tucked in with the generator running to charge the batteries and run Michael’s electric blanket—we are truly roughing it, aren’t we???

IMG_5949 Emmi really likes Deb and Deb really likes Miss Emmi!

IMG_5948 The desert is greening!  Maybe we will get lots of wildflowers this year.


  1. such a tough life you lead! sorry you had to get up early and do laundry!..two is pretty good!!

  2. I think you should have stuffed the mother in the washer - then, the dryer!

  3. I was thinking about the washer for mom! Perhaps when you charge the phone on the generator, the difference in the sine wave from shore power results in less than a full charge. I do know that is true with the inverter on some of our gear.

  4. I think Miss Emmi is spoiled just like the rest of our dogs That's why we have them right?


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