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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Short Night, Long Day

Miss Emmi must have had a tummy ache early this morning, the two of us were out wandering the desert at 3:30am!!  She just doesn’t do that usually sleeping long after Michael and I have gotten up.  Did I go back to sleep, nope—short night!

A little before 8am we dropped Emmi at Ellie’s and took off for Yuma.  First stop, Los Algodones for meds.  We were in and out of Mexico in less than 30 minutes, waiting in line at the border crossing for about 20 minutes.

In Mexico we were able to obtain colchocine for less than eight cents a pill when here in the US it is now over $1.50 due to our wonderful regulatory agency, the FDA awarding the sole manufacturing license to ONE company.  Crossing the border today back into the US was painless.

Now for the even better news—we finally found a trailer!  Last night Michael noticed a trailer with the right specs for sale in the Yuma Craigslist.  We called the guy this morning, looked at the trailer about noon and bought it.  We will go back to Yuma tomorrow with the motorhome and pick up the trailer.

The trailer is 20 feet long, slant nose and is made by Carson.  It has a flat roof and no vents so lots of room for solar panels.  And the price was great!

We had lunch at Famous Dave’s, I shopped a little for quilt fabric at JoAnn’s and then we hit Sam’s Club—a long day!

Got a call yesterday afternoon from my Mom, she was on the way to the Heart Hospital in Little Rock—her doctor thought she might have had a heart attack.  Good news today, no heart attack—now they are trying to figure out why her blood pressure can’t be regulated. 

Miss Emmi was extremely glad to see us after spending the day beating up on Jasmine and Mr. BoJangles.  Jim and Ellie looked a little weary too—Jim said he might need shoulder surgery from throwing toys for Emmi all day!

Yuma is the lettuce capital of the world they say and today some fields were being picked and some were just starting to grow.  These are red leaf and green leaf lettuce just getting started.

IMG_1613 IMG_1614


  1. Wonder whatever happened to "East of Eden" and Salinas lettuce. Maybe it went the way of Silicon Valley. I used to live new Santa Maria, California, and the lettuce there covered many square miles.

  2. Yuma also grows spectacular melons...particularly canteloup. Of course, they wouldn't have those this time of year, but when summer comes, they are very yummy. Can't get those in the markets because they are usually too ripe to ship. Good stuff for the locals!


  3. Good news on the trailer, looking forward to seeing some pics!

  4. Congratulations on the new trailer!!! Also great to hear that you mom did not have a heart attack. Our prayers are with her and Chuck. Love & Hugs,
    Gina & Rollie

  5. glad to hear that your Mom didn't have a heart attack..hope she is feeling better soon!..nice that you finally found a trailer that will suit your needs..and on the the picture front? seems strange to see one so 'green' after all the desert photos!..have a great day!!

  6. Janna...glad to hear your Mom is OK. That can be real scary! Congratulations on finding a trailer. It must be the "right" one. We'll be waiting to see some pictures.


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