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Monday, February 14, 2011

More Desert Big Horn Sheep

Recently on Brian's blog he and Heidi were lamenting the fact that Heidi saw the big horn sheep while walking their dogs and had no camera.  So, we knew the sheep were still up in the hills and had our eyes peeled—well, those sheep were right by the trail this morning, our presence startled the pair at first and they ran a short distance before going right back to eating.  We think these two were female.

IMG_5871 IMG_5864

IMG_5881 IMG_5879

While I was making lunch I heard a vehicle and looked out the window to see this Ford Explorer with two couples inside drive right by the front of the rig, go down just a ways past our rig, turn around and drive right past our rig again.  Certainly hope they weren’t scouting out a new location for their rig!!!  Might have to employ some Bayfield Bunch tactics if that is the case!!!

After lunch we made a run to Parker for some groceries and Michael bought me a McDonald’s ice cream for Valentine’s Day.  On the way out of Parker we noticed that visibility was really reduced and there was the strong smell of smoke in the air—the wind was blowing from the west (California) and there was obviously a large fire somewhere over there!

IMG_5886 Emmi running to greet Michael—he took a detour on our walk this morning that I declined!

Happy Birthday to Chuck—hope it was a good one in spite of all those doctor’s appointments Mom booked for you!!!


  1. nice pictures of the Big Horn Sheep...we hope your neighbourhood isn't going to get too crowded!!

  2. Nice pics of the sheep! Wish we could have seen them!

  3. Hey Janna! Thanks so much for sharing those great big horn pictures. I was on the look out the whole time we were in Anza Borrego but only got to see one from a distance and so no pics! Sounds like you all have a great spot so hope you don't end up with close neighbors!

    Cindy and Ken

  4. Sounds like people scouting out a spot for their rigs alright. What a sinking feeling that is all the time. And, as we have found out, some people have this big need to huddle & although they may have the whole desert to park they will come right in & park under your awning. What makes this scenario even worse is if they have ATV's, beer, dirt bikes, boom boxes & a whole mess of immaturity with them!!

  5. Oh those bighorn shots are just wonderful!!!

    Hope your hunk of desert stays quiet and peaceful... Maybe you can sit outside chanting some strange language or playing the bagpipes or something if they come back?

    Karen and Steve
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