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Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Take A Drive

Doug and JoAnn were still having refrigerator problems as of this morning and Michael went down to see if he could give them a hand but unfortunately was unable to get it going. 

After lunch we decided to take a drive and headed toward Wickenburg but got way laid in Salome.  Salome has a great reverse osmosis water dispensing place which also sells ice made with reverse osmosis water.  The tap water around here is extremely salty and does nasty things to your insides when you drink it!  You might ask, “why not buy your water at the grocery store?”  Grocery store water is $.78-$1 a gallon, water dispensing places are $.25 a gallon.  So, we filled our jugs and then decided to check out the local grocery store asking directions of the couple parked next to us with 2 gorgeous schnauzers in the back seat. 

While I went in the grocery store, Michael stayed outside to watch Emmi who was hanging out the jeep window and entertained himself by reading the local bulletin board.  There was an index card with several items for sale, one of which happened to be an enclosed trailer, no phone number, only an address!!  Back into the grocery store for directions and off we went—we may have found a trailer—not what we originally started out to buy but it may work, we are still in the discussion mode!  Sixteen feet long and over eight feet tall—plenty of room for a jeep and a few more things don’t you think???

Back home Michael finally succumbed to the hair clippers—he was looking mighty shaggy!!  I then made the greatest pizza!  Have you tried the new Flatout breads?  I don’t buy many packaged foods but baking bread and making pizza crusts in a RV is a little messy—I noticed these Flatout breads in the grocery store with the package stating, “makes super easy amazing pizza.”  Well, it was amazing!  I added my own homemade sauce, sautéed some onions, mushrooms, garlic and peppers then layered on some cooked hamburger and then cheese.  It was amazing pizza and very WW friendly!

A movie is on the agenda for tonight compliments of Thurston blockbuster!

IMG_5835 She just makes herself at home doesn’t she??


  1. Looks like Michael is shouldering that furry little problem quite well:))

  2. I have heard about having a "monkey on your back" ... LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. nice perch that Emmi has found!!!.probably a great view from that vantage point!


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