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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alamo Lake

After a great night’s sleep we woke with a new attitude and energy—off on a 4 mile hike then to the Bouse car show which was kind of pitiful this year!IMG_6002 1959 Ford hardtop convertible—beautiful!  Mine and Michael’s choice in the show!

IMG_5992 IMG_5991 Came home and I whipped up a quick lunch—the Bouse firemen were holding a barbeque, too, but from the looks of the food on people’s plates, we declined and ate leftovers at home!

Off to Alamo Lake State Park which by the looks of things is going to be closed soon—we’ve been there before but wanted to check out the area for boondocking opportunities.  It is a beautiful spot but literally out in the middle of nowhere—38 miles from the nearest town of Wenden which is a dumpy, dirty spot with a tiny, sparse grocery store and not much else.  There is no Verizon phone signal of any sort at Alamo Lake either.  We enjoyed the drive today in spite of the clouds and sporadic rain showers.

IMG_6010 IMG_6008 IMG_6014 While in California Gina and Rollie found me this USAF sweatshirt in honor of our granddaughter Laci.  IMG_5981 Sunrise over our camp this morning—isn’t it gorgeous but that was all the sun we saw today.


  1. boy oh boy..for someone who has been boondocking for a couple of months look pretty darn good!..nice hair!!!

  2. Beautiful sunrise...too bad the sun didn't stay out for you.

  3. That 59 Ford would have been my choice too. I remember them well.

  4. Beautiful sunrise shot - hopefully, the sun will warm things up a bit this week.

  5. Old car rallies are a lot of fin, but this one did look a bit thin.


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