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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Turned Off The Heat

Our rain and wind yesterday left us with sunshine today and a cold wind.  It was just an unpleasant day to be outside but that didn’t keep us from taking a walk this morning and noting all the puddles in the washes. 

One of the larger washes nearby has a series of waterfalls—today at the base of the larger waterfalls were deep pools--IMG_5930 IMG_5937 

In the above photo, note the smaller pool above the larger, shadowed one—I would have loved to see the water flowing forming these pools!

Spent the afternoon sewing and Michael puttered.  He is trying to put together some more LED lighting for us over the couch. 

Made a batch of spaghetti sauce today, too—we sampled it for supper tonight, YUM!

Tomorrow is laundry day, ho, hum, but necessary—Michael has no more clean socks!  He is going with me to try and find some tires for the new trailer.



  1. just another ordinary Sunday here too!!..nice pictures of the pools of water!..I am sure that our boy, Tucker would have been in there trying to go for a swim!!

  2. We had that same nasty, biting wind here this morning but it did manage to warm up some in the afternoon.

  3. Always nice to see water in a desert setting. I would sure love to be here in the Monsoon season to see all the water running, lightning in the sky & sheets of rain greening up the desert. The Southwest is just so beautiful.....

  4. Crazy weather! At least we have the sewing machine to keep us busy!


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